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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch......

OK.  After a lot of drilling with not a lot of results, I am thinking that I should make the fireplace removable and put the transformer behind it.  I have a hole big enough for a cord to go through in the back and there is no reason to have to take the transformer out, once it is in.  So.... I think that I will build the bottom of the fireplace as a unit and the chimney as a stationary piece.

I have to think on how I want to do it for a bit...

So, if you are looking for me.  I will be in the workroom, otherwise known as the non-conversational pit.  Nobody wants to come in there and talk to me whilst I clean.

It has to be done.  While I am thinking on how to do the fireplace, I can get a lot of it finished.
Tessie and Zar casually mentioned that they had an appointment with a fireplace expert and left.

As I was walking from the bedroom to the workroom....I saw this.

Fireplace expert, my left foot!  Eskiaga is adept at building fires, but not fireplaces.

I built that one without any help from any of them.

I think that was just an excuse to sit around the fireplace and eat tacos and enchiladas. Not to mention getting out of helping clean the workroom. 

I guess that I am all alone, unless one of you want to volunteer?  No?  OK.  Once again, I am left to my own devices....

See you tomorrow.

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