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Friday, September 13, 2013

Knotting Is Going to Happen....

I did a couple more paintings after I left you yesterday.

I am leaning towards the first one.  Good color and kind of primitive looking.

Zar liked that one.
With that, Tessie started edging Zar out of the picture...Literally.

We tried this one, but it is too cute and feminine.  I didn't tell Tessie that, because she would have voted for that  one immediately.

When I said I didn't like that one, Tessie disappeared in a flash and so I waited, knowing that she had something up her sleeve.
She made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Zar couldn't have this.  She said, "This is from my personal, private collection.  It belongs in the living room of the town house.  And besides, Zar wouldn't want a macramé owl in his living quarters.  You will have to make something in his colors and then we will see if we like it.".

That just means another day deciding on art...

No.  I am not going to make anything resembling an owl for the wall.

Just to humor Tessie, I will do a hanging....No. Not her with a noose around her neck. What she doesn't know is, I need something for the wall at the other end of the room, so that will keep me busy today. 

Walter has gone to Prescott to play golf for the next three days, so I am going to put my feet up, watch Korean Dramas and play... First with string and beads for macramé.

See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

I would love to paint but do not even know how to start!
I have the water colours etc but how does one begin!
your paintings are very interesting!

Caseymini said...

Deni, there are lots of websites with information. All you have to do is search. I put watercolor painting and this one came up. Lots of useful information here. Just get a brush and go to it. Walmart carries blocks of 140 weight paper. I would recommend that you invest in that. Good paper is the key. The blocks are convenient. With those, you don't have to stretch the paper. Just let it dry on the block, before you take it off. Nice and flat.

Josje said...

That first painting is perfect! Great colours and design. You are such an artistic person. I never like to use the word 'artist' as I think it is used too easily by too many people, although I think in your case the word would apply.
Like I said before, I love this project!

Hannah said...

Very nice paintings! But I got to say, I love that owl!! =)

Deni said...

Oh thank you Casey I will check into it although i don't think I could be up to your standard but I will try!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The paintings are lovely, but the first one is really fantastic in the room.
Big hug,