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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Working Outside the Box....

Outside the box and in the workroom...For a while... Straightening can be fun...When it leads to finding other things to do.

Then I found wood to do the shelves at the back of the Bloomie's box.  I cut the wood for those and the desk.

That only took about ten minutes and then I went back to cleaning...

Then I found my tubes of watercolors and a 140 weight pad of watercolor paper....So much for cleaning. 

I worked hard yesterday and Walter is out golfing, so I am rewarding myself.

I need some art for the walls of the new box.  I sat down and fiddled with watercolors.

It has been a  long time since I last worked with those.

The above photo was the first try.  It's about three inches square.  Not that good.  I want abstract, but not boulders...The colors will go in the room, but the overall design is a bit heavy.

This was the second try.  The color is right and I like the design, but it just doesn't scream 70s to me.  It looks a bit too modern.  It's more like a colored tangle.  Back to the watercolor drawing board.

It will take me a few more tries to find a happy medium.  Maybe I should do some sketches first.

I need to do another and another, until I find one that I like.

Zar and Tessie are still in the room box...They both refuse to leave.  It's like one of those contests where the person that holds on to the new car the longest gets it... It's going to be a long day...They both keep asking for food and water.  I don't want to think about when one of them has to go to the bathroom....If it's Tessie, I may find Zar out cold on the bedroom floor....

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

Do you have no end to your list of talents - watercolour artist as well! I have to say I actually really like the first attempt. Love the colours. Look forward to seeing your final painting.

Deni said...

OH dear those 2 are mischief makers arent they!
What would you do without them! they are such fun!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is a shame it does not work in your room.
It is beautiful.
Big hug,