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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playing With Fire...

We have fire...but it is going to be re done.  This is a log system that I got from Sue.  I like the idea, but the fire, being made of clear caulking, was made by laying it on a flat surface and is not terribly realistic...

I am going to borrow the idea, but I am going to try to build it up in 3D. 

I have a plentiful supply of logs in the back yard.  Now all I have to do is make it happen.
 The last of the old lights died this morning.  I went and scrounged through my materials and found this one.  It is a blown glass globe that somebody gave me....Sorry. I can't remember who it was.

I turned it into a light by simply pushing a light inside, checking it and then sealing the top. 

I will probably put a collar around the cord with a jewelry finding of some kind.

Then there is Tessie.  As soon as I taped it to the ceiling to see how it would look, she was on it like a flash.  "It's way too low!  Zar or I will bump our stomachs on it.  That's low!"

I very patiently explained that I was trying it out for size and style.  It will be higher when I'm finished.

She reluctantly backed off and agreed to wait until I fixed it.

I did get the repainting the plaster done.  The front looks kind of funny because the paint has not dried yet.

Now, about all I have to do before starting to furnish is the step in the pit and the back of the fireplace.  Oh! and the fence behind the chimney. 

Then the real fun begins!  Book shelves and desk next.

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

The fire looks real!
Bye, Faby

sera xi's said...

A mi me encanta...parece un fuego bastante acogedor....pero te tiene que gustar a ti. Besos


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! There is Nothing like a fire to make the room come alive! Whether it is flickering or not, the very fact of something lit in the firebox makes a world of difference! I love what yours looks like, it gives so much atmosphere to the scene. The hanging light fixture looks Great!


Veronique Blommaart said...

What a difference the fire makes! What a lovely cosy room this is. Ideal for retreating this winter! If Tessie & Zar can't decide who gets it, I'm moving in!


chapchap73 said...

Hi Casey! I'm loving this box more and more...can't wait for the rest:) A quick question, what type of spackle did you use for the stucco? I've read the posts for this room and must have missed it. I'd like to do a treatment like this one, but my spackle is much too stiff to spread with a brush. Thanks, Sarah

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I love the globe. It looks perfect in the room. the fireplace is going to be fantastic. I am having so much fun following this project!
big hug,

Mad For Mod said...

What a great idea with the clear silicone! I think it looks great!

Steinworks said...

I can't wait for the bookshelves and desks :)