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Friday, August 9, 2013

Step Away From the Thread! Now!!!

"No Tessie!  Put down the saw."  I heard Zar's voice, as I started for the basket supplies, this morning.

I looked in the bedroom.  There was Tessie with weapons of mini destruction piled on the bed.  Zar and Spike were trying to take them away from her.

She gave them a withering look and held onto the saw. As she gripped the saw even tighter, she hissed, "She(meaning me) has gone too far!  No more baskets.  No more weaving. And NO MORE THREAD!  I  am going to destroy it all!!!

Zar finally tugged the saw away from her grasp and threw it across the room. Spike started dragging the scissors across the bed, in his teeth, with the intent of dropping them over the side.

Unfortunately, at that exact moment, Tessie flashed an evil smile and zapped away.

I think that I am safe for the moment.  I'm not so sure about the basket supplies that are still in the workroom.

I finished the corset basket last night. Zar likes it...It reminds him of an old girlfriend...

The other side of the corset basket is on the right side of Spike in the last photo...If I get bored with the corset, all I have to do is turn it around.

These are the finished baskets, partial baskets and basket forms that I am about to hide.  I also have possession of the thread box.  Let's just see Tessie try to stop me....I do have other plans for stuff to work on today. 

Maybe if she sees me ignoring the baskets, she will let up.  I sincerely hope so.  When she gets in a snit, everybody better run for the hills.

Zar just grabbed Spike by the collar and disappeared out the door.  I don't know where he is going, but I am sure he's not looking for Tessie. 

Meanwhile, I had better do something not thread related today.

See you tomorrow.  If Tessie hasn't locked me in the workroom, with no thread, for punishment...


Veronique Blommaart said...

Thank you so much for these daily updates. Not only am I in awe of your multiple talents, your creativity does not only translate in hand-made projects but also in well written stories that always bring a smile to my face! I hope Tessie's attention is drawn to something else and she forgets she's angry ;-)

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! What a fabulous collection of baskets that you are showing! You now need to have a mini shop where these wares can be displayed to their full advantage, don't you think? ( hehehe)


Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, check the sidebar. LOL. You will find 29 entries about the basket shop... In reverse order, of course. If you go back to the older posts, you can watch it being built.

2minimom said...

Beautiful baskets. Makes me which I had some mini gourds! Oh no, says my husband-you have enough projects already!!!!