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Saturday, August 10, 2013


These really weren't for Tessie, but she thought they were, so everything is OK now.

I cut one of the gourds to make a birdhouse the other day.

She insisted on having these photos taken under the blue led light on my magnifier...She seems to think it makes things look exotic...Sometimes I question her sanity.  I mean ideas.

This morning I cut a couple of the seed pods and at the same time, noticed that some of the other seed pods looked kind of like roofing material.

They look like birdhouses that had a bad hair day....
I drilled two holes in each of the cut off seedpods.  Then I cut a piece of wire for a perch and one for a hanger. You could do these with any kind of nut shell or acorn.   

Almost instant birdhouse, if you don't start messing with decorating.

There were some Sharpie pens laying in plain site.  That led to  experimenting.  I can't say that they look that good...but it was a fair try.

Tessie latched on to the one that I decorated first.

But she changed her mind when I did the one with the gourd.  I kind of agree with her.  That one has more room for the birdies.

With that one, I cut the gourd at two angles for a pitched roof.  Then I simply cut some embossed railroad shingles to fit.

On that one, I left a tail on the hanger and coiled it into a spiral.

Of course, anything with a gold spiral on the roof would be to Tessie's liking...That got me out of the dog house.

Thank goodness.  Now I can breath and go look for my thread when Tessie isn't around.  She did a good job of hiding it...If she doesn't tell me where it is, I can't finish weaving her rug.  Let's see who holds out the longest.  The rug maker or the rug receiver....

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

I love these. I think I'll have to go and hunt for some seed pods.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Those make adorable birdhouses!

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