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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Basket With a Corset

OK...So I don't finish everything in one sitting.  I do finish.  It is just more fun to jump around.

I am back with the gourds this morning. 

I dip dyed some of them.  I ask you.  Does that look like red mahogany?  For some reason, gourds turn red into brown.

I left some of the weird coloring on the outside of these.  I kind of liked the texture.

In case you are wondering, the baskets made from the top half will get a piece of leather glued over the hole in the neck.

One of the ones that I drilled Tuesday, had an interesting scar in the outer shell.

For some reason, with my warped sense of style, I decided that it looked like a corset and proceeded to drill holes down the sides for laces.

Maybe I should have chosen pink for the lacing.  I am not sure that the orange and brown over dyed thread works.

I do like the lacing though.  Here is the start.  I laced down and then back up.  Then I glued the tip of the wire to the inside of the basket.

I simply continued with the thread around the wire and the top. I am using a four and one wrap.  That is four times around the thread itself and then one stitch through the row below.

 The thread took a turn for the brown right at the corner.  That's what I am not sure if I like.  I went all the way around and the brown showed up again on the other end.  It looks like I used two completely different threads.I may just opt to change it before I go any further.

About that remark about finishing things at the start of this...I found five partial baskets, of various sorts and one finished one, in the thread box.

Yes they will all be finished as the mood strikes.

The one on the front left is done over some wire that I bought at a garage sale.  It is a little heavier, but it works well.

Real life coiled baskets come in different thicknesses.  So can minis.

The mood is striking me today.  I had better strike while the iron is still hot. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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