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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't Tell Tessie....

I woke up at 3:00AM.  Walter has a cold.  I didn't look at the clock and I thought that he was getting up in time to leave for golf at 4:30AM.  That's my usual getting up time anyway, so I didn't even think of looking at the clock.

After he left at 4:30, I decided that it was silly to go back to bed  I decided to have breakfast and get to work...

I was late.  Tessie was already working on furniture.
She hid all of the thread in the workroom.  That is no mean feat.  There is a LOT of thread in there.

Anyway, she announced, as soon as I arrived, that we are working on furniture today.

A few months ago, I added to my stash when HBS had a sale on House of Miniatures kits.  They were a dollar a piece and I got a bunch!

Tessie pulled out one of each of those and some others from the HoM drawer in the work room.  One of each kit that was available.
She has a total of 11 boxes.  Does she seriously think that we are going to finish them all today?  Sure she does.  She will sit and watch and criticize what I do it.  Meanwhile she sit on her tuffet and eat bonbons.

I got to work and started sanding the legs on one of the tables.  The instructions say that you should just sand and be careful not to knock down the edges...Who follows those directions?
I immediately grabbed an emery board and went to work. 

I noticed, when I took this photo, that the leg on the right front needs it's toe sanded some more.  It's not supposed to be pointy.  That should take all of 10 seconds.

OK.  That one is together. I also put together the mirror in the bottom box on the right of the previous photo.  No picture.  It's still drying and I think that I am going to add to it.

The box describes it as a "Chippendale like" mirror.  Chippendale would be embarrassed.  It is flat and plain. No graceful curves and carving like Chippy would have done.
Now for the don't tell part.  I still have all of the basket making supplies in the bedroom...

I did this last night.  It still has a way to go and needs shaping too.  The photo is much larger than the real thing. It's just a little bigger than the end of my thumb and the thick thread that you see is two strands of embroidery floss.

I told you that Tessie couldn't stop me! Ha!  Take that Tessie!

She is not getting this one...Even if she begs.

Mine!!!  It's going in the Craft Cottage.

I shall win in the end....I just remembered that I moved all three boxes of embroidery floss into the bedroom a while ago too....Rugs.  Lots of rugs.....Yes, the fabric for rugs in in the jewelry chest. And the patterns are in the bookcase and on my computer..She can't stop me now.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que suerte encontrar kit a esos precios, esa mesa ya va tomando forma, tengo curiosidad por ver como lo terminas, esas cestas me encantan



Veronique Blommaart said...

Mum's the word:-) and I agree with Mari, such luck finding those kits!


Liduina said...

I am amazed at Tessie's zeal to work so much, she seems to be inexhaustible :D
Have fun with all the kits you bought!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Don't you just love those HOM kits! I always enjoyed the fact that you could customize them so easily! ( Realife kits were great too.) I look forward to seeing how you transform your collection in upcoming posts. Also I noticed that Tessie is wearing a new outfit. The color is very becoming!


Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, I love the kits when they aren't old wood and some of the pieces warped. Three out of the four that I put together today were pretty much ok. The fourth one was poorly cut and a couple of the larger pieces were warped. Not a lot of fun to work with. I imagine that was why they were selling them dirt cheap.

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

I wanna see them for $1! Lol Go Casey go! Show Tessie who the real boss of the house is! Lol Can't wait to see the rest!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great job assembling the kit. I promised I won't breath a word to Tessie ;)
Big hug,

Marian said...

Genial, un hallazgo fabuloso.
Trabaja mucho y así nos enseñas como quedan.
Felicidades. Besos