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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dizzy, I Get Dizzy......

That was Widget last night...I worked on his cat cottage....He refused to leave, so as I worked around the shell, he got turned right along with it.

You can tell by the look that he is giving me, he either wants me to stop working on it or get it done fast.

That's the back view. He has his own picture window.  He keeps using it for a back door when cornered.

He went round and round for a while and then just decided it was easier to lay down and sleep, than to try to keep his balance.

I only have a little bit more to do.  I would leave a hole in the top, but I fear that he would think that it was a smoke hole and try to build a fire to keep warm.  Not a good idea in a paper house...

I finished four of the kits yesterday...Building wise. 

Three went together like a dream.  The fourth(the one on the right)was more like a nightmare.  It had a couple of the larger pieces that were warped...The wood was old and I suspect that this was the reason for the company wanting to get rid of them at such a generous price.

With lots of glue and clamping, I did manage to do it, but not without a few bad words....

This morning, I decided to clean out the hall closet, where I keep a lot of fabric.  I don't usually take everything out and move it physically to another location for a thorough cleaning.

Since it is mostly fabric, I usually pull it all out on the floor, sort and fold, rearrange and discard some of it as I put it back in.

This morning, I decided that it needed a thorough cleaning....Very Thorough...

I made many trips between the closet and the bed.  When I stood back and looked, I couldn't believe it all came out of one small closet.  I am washing and ironing most of the fabric.  It was just such a mess.

Tessie came in.  She took one look at it and asked, "You want to play "Where's Tessie?".  Yup.  She then proceeded to plant herself in the middle of the mess and demand, "Take my picture!".  Essentially, she is hiding in plain sight... Hey! It made her happy and I don't have to argue with her about doing it. 

I have to get back to work now, if I don't want to sleep on the floor tonight...

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Lucky Widget, that looks like such a comfortable nook...I hope you get everything done or you might be sleeping with him in his basket tonight. The kits look beautiful.
Big hug,

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I agree with Giac, your kits are really good and the cat basket for Widget, is all of his hearts desire


franca gamberoni said...

Even I have a cat, Wilbur, he would like a lot a house as Widget's one! ...may be!..sometimes! we'll see....! Ciao ciao