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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Closet Fever...

You guessed it.  I spent the morning digging out the closet in the computer room.  This is only about half of what was in there.

Some of it is already back where it belongs.  Still a ways to go...
There was a method to my madness.  I was looking for this.

The top is a curved fronted case that I bought at TMS Miniature Show over ten years ago.  The bottom is a foot stool that I bought at a thrift shop.  It just happens to match the case wood exactly.

Periodically, I dig it out and think about it for a few days.  Then it goes back into hiding.  I know what I want to do, but somehow, I always put it off...

Not again.  I need the closet space.  I think that is a legitimate excuse for doing this project. 

As you can see, several times I have done various mock ups in foam core of what I want to do, but it never seems quite right. 

Now is the time!  Did I mention that the extra added attraction is,it is an excellent trap for keeping Tessie in line.  Please note the absence of a handle on the door...I left it off on purpose.

She is exhausted from all of the zapping to keep from doing work yesterday.  Thus the trap.  The other Terrible Two of the Terrible Trio will keep her company until I decide to let her out.
Meanwhile,  I can finish loading the rest of the fabric,  minus two bags full of scraps and other stuff that I don't need. Somebody else can stuff their closets with them.

I have about another inch of the rug to go.  Not doing to bad there.

It's the closet that has me worried.  I had better get back at it. It's good that I put everything on the bed.  That forces me to finish.  No sleeping on the floor.

See you tomorrow.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Oh dear! Has she really been that bad? Poor Tessie, locked up like that. Ah well, if it helps getting your closet done in time, than what must be done, must be done! I do think the Terrible Two are very loyal, that is, if they stay by her side all the time....

12Create said...

That looks a great cabinet for a miniature scene with its curved front. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is so much work but will all be worth it. You have an incredible collection of fabrics! I hope you did not get to bed too late.
Big hug,