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Monday, August 19, 2013

Nothing Written In Stone...

I cleared the decks and put the box on the work table this morning. 

I was trying to remember why I hadn't done the box before...Tessie added a bed and then I knew why.

This stupid box has very weird measurements.

It is 14" high.  It is 16" wide.  The catch is, it's only 12 inches from front to back at the widest point of the curve.  In other words, very shallow for the width and height.  Awkward.
That bed that Tessie is standing beside just barely fits under the ceiling in the bedroom of  Cordelia's house. It is seven + inches.

So, I decided to sit down and try a few ideas.

First I had in mind a very modern living room, with lots of curves on the stairs and  book nook above the floor space.

OK....But it doesn't really go with the French Provincial look of the cabinet and legs.  New legs??
Next I tried one with the bed above in one side and bookcases on the other side.  Living space below...

I kept looking at it and realized it was a lot like the Southwestern room box layout.

Try, try again. I kept looking through the scrap books.  There are a lot of multi level rooms that I have saved over the years...Just one problem.  Mot of those are a lot more spacious than this room  box.
I ran across a couple of photos of Versailles.  That would also solve the problem.  Tall windows.  Taller bed.  Lots of detail. A little fussy for my taste.

Now all I have to do is, once again, decide how I want to do it. 

It is NOT going back in the closet again.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is an odd shape, but I know you will work your magic and come up with a wonderful use for have that gift.
Big hug,

12Create said...

While the height is a challenge it can also provide for some interesting effects you may not have been able to use in other projects - grand hanging lighting and draperies? a small mezzanine for sleeping or storage? or just a room with a high feature ceiling. I am sure you will come up with a fabulous idea. I look forward to seeing what you do?

jennywren said...

My first thought was a barn conversion interior. Done well they have lovely vaulted ceilings and can be ultra modern or period. I have seen ones with a 'minstral gallery' type bedroom that you can look down from into the sitting area.

hopeful said...

What if you did a little "fantasy-type" scene where you raise the floor so the room is an appropriate height then have a little mouse family living below with their own wee furniture and accessories made from cast-offs of the people above? Just a suggestion - I know you'll come up with something really creative and inspiring as usual! - Marilyn from Canada

Deni said...

This is an exciting project!
I just wish i could find these unusual cupboards to make into a roombox or house!
its going to be great!