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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Itty Bitty Kitty Cottage...

 I am twining a mini kitty cottage.  No... I am not cutting mini magazines into tiny strips and twirling them into tiny tubes.

I decided it would be more practical and less time consuming with wire and over dyed floss.  I used three strands at a time, out of the six.

I started with sixteen strands of cloth covered wire about 7"long.

When twining, you don't have to have an odd number of spokes like you do with regular weaving.

I am not going to go into how to do twining here. There are plenty of instructions on the net and, I believe, even some videos on U Tube.

The first row is the hardest.  I did the wire in a basket weave pattern.  Four spokes in each bundle.

Then I just started twining at one corner and worked round and round.

You will notice that, after about the fifth round it starts to look round.  That's because of the "fan" formed on each side by not having spokes in the corners.  I will probably add four in the corners when I get out farther.

Speaking of out farther...  This is after six pieces of three strands each...It is about an inch and a quarter across...Not quite big enough for the cat yet.

 It is also after a few hours work.  I am finding the embroidery floss harder to work with than linen.  There is no weight to it at all and the spokes are much longer than usual and bending all over the place.  This may be my one and only kitty cottage in miniature. 

I am liking it so far.  Here's hoping that I don't loose interest before it is finished.

See you tomorrow.

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