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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Desert Sunset and Rearranging...

I took this photo from the back porch last night.  Monsoons bring wonderful sunsets.
This morning, Walter left at 4:30AM to play golf...He should know better than to wake me up and leave me sitting here with nothing to do...

So I moved.  The workroom is really hot and muggy this time of year.  And besides, I can't watch K Dramas in there whilst working.  I am a Korean Drama addict and am not trying to get over it.  Much better than American TV, even if I do have to read subtitles.

Yes.  I moved the worktable back to the bedroom for the monsoon season.  Poor Walter.  He never knows what he is going to come home to in the furniture arranging department.

I put the basket shop on the table because it is in dire need of a good cleaning.

And besides, the cat basket comes under that domain.

Unfortunately, I think that I started something.  Now everybody, including Tessie and Theo the tiger cub, wants one.

Technically, Tessie already has a basket chair in the roof garden of the town house...It is very similar in shape.  But it's wicker and she wants all of that color.  Wait! It's upholstered in 60s Beatles fabric.  Very  bright.

It seems that "first come, first serve" is the order of the day.  Licorice got there first.

 Licorice was a cat that we had back when April was young and basically her cat.  I made a mini of him after he passed on.  He seems to like it in the new basket.

Lets see now...I need to make one bunny hutch, one puppy palace, one tiger cave.  "No Tessie.  You can't have seconds.  You already have yours!".

While moving things, I discovered that I only have the pattern for the chair bottoms in wicker left....No actual chair bottoms.  So...Being sidetracked Sadie, I grabbed some 1/16" walnut scraps and drew out 9 chair seats and two scrap table/planter blanks. I also have no settee blanks. I hate it when I run out and have to start over.  No fun at all...

Now all I have to do is cut them out and drill about a thousand holes and I will be all set...Can you tell that this is the part I don't like doing?  I just want to weave.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


jose zayas said...


Jean Day said...

Your back porch photo is wonderful! You are always doing the most interesting things. Tessie is so lucky to have Licorice now. Love all your baskets. It is great Tessie keeps you so inspired. Hugs, Jean

mcddiss said...

la vista es realmente preciosa, asi que en esta epoca trasladas el taller ,yo no tengo esa posibilidad, haces bien en ponerte comoda , veo que ya estas preparando nuevo material para hacer mas mimbre , genial



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Good luck with all that would drive me nuts.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

let me guess you dont like drilling the holes?

Steinworks said...

I like the korean Romantic Comedies..they're really funny