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Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's all Fun and Games.....

Last night I worked on the rug for the craft cottage...It doesn't look like much more, but that was a couple of hours work, considering that there are 484 cross stitches to a square inch.

Fun and games....Tessie watched and munched cookies.
 This morning I went to Walmart and found some new fun tools for minis in the nail art section. 

They are short handled, very nice brushes and stylus.  One liner. One angled.  Both those and the stylus will work well for getting into small areas of tile, etc.  It came with a couple of sheets of stencils for nails...Small fun bonus for me.  I just really wanted the short handled implements. 

The real fun and games came at a garage sale at a neighbor's house.

I found another piece of green glass in which to house a terrarium.  It's almost an exact match for the desert landscape.

The fun was watching Tessie try to balance on the lip of the jar for photos...She kept falling in and I had to fish her out.

For some strange reason, her zapper doesn't work inside that kind of glass....Nice to know... Now where did I put that big cork that would fit the neck of this bottle? 

The kids are coming today to celebrate Father's day.  They were up in Phoenix last weekend.  

I just made bean salad and apple pie....The bean salad is fine, but the apple pie has tiny bite marks around the edges...from both a witch and a dog....Now about that cork....

See You tomorrow.


2minimom said...

My favorite kind of apple pie, with extra flavor added!

Lucille said...

Can I please have some of that bean salad and apple pie. Yummy!!! That is a nice vase you got at the garage sale.