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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meeting the Deadline....Maybe

See that little black thing in my hand?  It's the smallest portable radio that I could find at Walmart this morning.  It's cost?  Ten dollars!  It's a Magnavox and it runs on one AAA battery.

I wanted it to carry around and listen to when I am outside or someplace that there isn't anything else to entertain me.

I had a brainstorm whilst messing with it...Now I have to find a very small speaker.  Then I can have music in some of my room boxes or in one of Tessie's houses. 

I did try one of my big speaker sets that I use with my I pad.  It works, but too big to hide anywhere.  I am thinking maybe Radio Shack might be able to help.  We shall see.

I spent the morning hand sewing...Real stuff, not mini.  These two shirts came with a white bib inset in the neck, but when I got them home and tried them on it was a bit small for my taste...So I took  a white tee shirt and used the bottom edge to make the neck insets and one set of white cuffs and the bottom of the sleeves to do the other set.

That little bitty thing sitting on top of the neck of the yellow shirt was what was in the neckline before.

OK...I know that you want to see progress. I did some shading on the floor with Prismacolor pencils after I finished the shirts.

Tessie helped...(She paid me in chocolate chip cookies to say that.)

Anyway, I should be meeting her deadline by tomorrow morning.

See you then.


Neen said...

Casey, if you take an old set of ear buds and remove the outer padding, you have a pair of mini - speakers. While we may not hear the sound very well, Tessie and company will. Actually, if the volume is at maximum, you should be able to hear. The alternative is a small "pillow speaker" that is designed for people who like to fall asleep to music but don't want to disturb their partner.

(I think you may have suggested at one time that old ear buds also make good mini shower heads.)

Caseymini said...

Neen, that wasn't me,but thanks for the idea for shower heads! The pillow speaker idea sounds good.

Katie said...

Ok... I was commenting from my phone n it just disappeared.. Lol.. Gotta love technology! I think Tessie is on to something with the cookies... And I love the color of the mystery box.. Tessie looks quite comfortable there... :)