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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Witchy Wednesday Again....

I keep looking at the square peg in a round hole in this photo... The black skirted table being the round hole.  the base for the house is like a square peg.

I may just have to go to ceiling tile for the base and do an irregular shape, like the one that is under the Witch's Warehouse.

I went out and got the round table cloth at Kmart this morning to hide the fact that it is two tables, masquerading as one.  The shape difference bothers me.  Just a  personal quirk.

I tried out the door this morning and decided that the two thicknesses are too thick to look right. 

I am going to put the "glass" in with molding on the inside and maybe some trim on the outside too.  Probably chair rail or something of the sort.

I decided to leave the window over the daybed without a curtain and put a shelf above it.  Now all I have to do is find something to sit on the shelf.

Spike helped me try out the sand that I plan to use for the yard.

I think that it will look a lot like our real yard when I am finised.  Just because we have a lot of  gravel type dirt, doesn't mean that we don't have plants and flowers.  My real lavender is blooming and hopefully, one of these days, my tomatoes will hatch.  Fingers crossed.

I am stalling for time.  Not enough time to start anything, but too much time to just sit and vegitate.  I have to get ready to go to the witchy meeting soon.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I see that our Spike is being very helpful this morning. Atta boy, Spike! That window is just too beautiful to hide it with curtains, Casey. I like the idea of a shelf. Have fun at the witches' meeting. See ya tamarra! Hahha!

Idske de Jong said...

Totally agree about the round table under the square base. Why not add a slightly bigger square under the cloth, then you've got space for a garden as well. Not that I want to make more work for you, of course :)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I agree the window over the daybed looks lovley and does not need curtains. I think a new base might be quite nice.
Big hug,