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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Closer Still....

Today was moving day for some of the furniture.  I moved the two half round tables to the bedroom and the little work table to the workroom...There was a bit of a set back. 

I had to put the table with the saw, next to the desk.  It needed a plug and I didn't want to use an extension cord to use it by the closet...The outlet is behind one of the three 7' tall bookcases...I couldn't tell you which one and I was not about to start unloading all three of them to find out the answer...

I think that this arrangement will work out just fine....Please ignore the messy place, down in the left bottom corner of the photo...That's where the pile starts from the move.

I got tired of messing around with furniture....It's heavy.  Even with sliders.

So, I went to work on the foundation for the cottage.  I measured the cottage and added a few inches on all sides.  Then I cut out a piece of luan 1/8" plywood. 

Remember the wood strips that I bought a couple of weeks ago?  I used the half inch square for bracing.  This house is very light and doesn't need a lot.  I mitered the corners and then ran a strip down the center. 

I used white glue and small brads to put it together.

I tried it and it fits.  I am considering putting the cottage at an angle on the foundation. 

That might give it a little more interest than straight on.

After seeing this photo, I think that I need to get out the paints and do some more on the stone work.

The garden bench is just a try out for size. 

It's 9:17 AM and I am tuckered out.  We got up at 4:30 or so.  Walter plays golf early, while it is cool.  His group is usually one of the first to tee off when the sun comes up.

I still have to put the bedroom back together and still more to do in the workroom...

I am washing clothes with one hand and cleaning with the other.  Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


emily miller talbott said...

Love your organization inspiration! I'm wondering how having the saw in your studio works. Mine doesn't get used very often & I think it might be of more use if I moved it into my studio. The problem is sawdust. I've got polished concrete which may be a big mess compared to your carpeting. Thoughts?



Lucille said...

You're such a busy little bee! Everything seems to be coming along fine. Wish I had one of those saws.

Caseymini said...

Emily and Lucille, I love that little saw. The way it works, most of the sawdust is left right on the table. Very little falls to the floor. What does can easily be vacuumed up. My old Dremel sent the sawdust everywhere. This one, not so much.

chapchap73 said...

Casey, I love the cottage on an angle! You need room for some cool cacti and a squirrel feeder:)

fillitsa's handmade crafts said...

nice cottage!looks very beautiful!!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You do have busy days! We have seen the house so many times but each time I cannot help but stop and say "that is gorgeous"! I love it. putting the house at an angle looks great and makes us see more facets of the house. Keep up the great work, and happy golf!
Big hug,