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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little More Information....

OK....To get  more ideas, I am going to have to tell you a little more about where I am going with these boxes.

I have decided to go with three themes from the list.  The first one is going to be a theatre dressing room or a personal dressing room.....But....It will be a period dressing room, not modern.  Stephanie suggested the theatre one.

So far, this is the one that I have the least materials and ideas for. The House of Miniatures kits are just one option for furniture.  Not necessarily the furniture that I will use.

Suggestions for a time period and specific play would help a lot.
The second box will be a Victorian sewing room.  Lucille suggested this one.

I still need colors.  Something that will go with the fancy floor would be good.

I may come back with some fabric swatches to choose from for this one after the general color scheme is chosen..
The Mystery Room has the most done to it.  Mari helped me with the color selection for this one.  She suggested pink or yellow....I decided to use both.

No.  I am still not going to tell you what this one will be......yet. It is one of the suggested ones on the list. At some point, if I get stuck, I may need suggestions...Just not yet.

So far this morning, the box has been three different colors...Of course, gesso white...Then a yellow that was too bright.  Now it is Ivory Ceramcoat.

Please keep the suggestions coming.  Help!!!

Thanks in advance.

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

I like the project of a sewing room. I'm curious to see more.
Bye, Faby

emily miller talbott said...

For the theatre dressing room, how about Jane Seymour's (Elise) character in Somewhere in Time? 1912

Lucille said...

Hi Casey! My suggestions for today. For the theater dressing room, you could have Regency or Victorian. You could have a dressing table with accompanying paraphernalia. You could have colours like yellow, puce, emerald green, and cerulean blue for the Regency period. For the Victorian period, you could have a deep blue or mauve with varnished woodwork.

For the sewing room box, you could have just an old world look on the walls achieved with paint and glaze. The colours would be two sorts of tans. One darker than the other for contrast. I did that once in one of my real life kitchens. It was beautiful, took a few days to accomplish, and used up tons of cheese cloths. It looked like an old world wall. I never grew tired of it. I suggest this neutral wall for the sewing room because there will be colourful fabrics. This colour theme would go well with the floor.

I don't remember if you asked for advice on the mystery room.

Danielle said...

I did a Phantom of the Opera themed dressing room a while ago (it was one of my first roomboxes). I kept the furniture really simple and used the walls, floors, trim, and the "costume" accessories to create a feeling of richness. You can check it out on my flickr (

Cara said...

Love the pink and yellow fabrics for the mystery box!! Maybe the play could be The Music Man. It's set in 1912. Lots of lavish costumes to play with in that one.

2minimom said...

What about a Shakespearean play? The sewing room-I imagine deep burgundy with velvet somewhere, maybe a crazy quilt kind of thing? Love the pink and yellow fabric!! Keep going, we're here to support you.

mcddiss said...

me alegro mucho de haber ayudado con la eleccion del color.
para el vestidor me gustaria mucho la epoca de los años 20, me parece muy bonita y teatral , yo prefiero los fondos un poco sencillos y emplear los colores en los detalles
estoy deseando ver mas



azteclady said...

Theatre room: either a scene from The Mousetrap, or from Witness for the Prosecution, both by Dame Agatha Christie. Pretty please?

Steinworks said...

oh those chairs would be perfect for Benicio Del Toros Lawrence Talbot's dressing room in the wolfman (it's where he first see's Emily Blunts charactor Gwen Conliff)

you can just feel the attraction even though she is his brothers fiancee and what is shocking is that Anthony Hopkins charactor Sir John Talbot wants her too (of course he's much too old for her)

IMHO it's the best Wolfman ever!..err theatre dressing room ever..yea that's what I ment to say :)