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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three With One Blow.....

OK.  From now on, you only get to see two of the boxes.  They will be a step ahead of the one that you are giving me directions for. 

I have closed the suggestions for type of room or theme...There are more suggestions that I thought that there would be.  I am going to have to choose one today and get started on planning.
I put satin varnish on all three, but you can only see two.

I am not thrilled with the looks of the one with the arched top.  It is not as well made as the others.  I guess that is why I covered the other  one with wallpaper when I did it.

I had plenty of scraps of flooring for the ones that you get to see. 

No fair suggesting that I use the same for the mystery box.

I can see that, on the first one, I need to re glue the front edge where Tessie is standing.

Some of the suggestions were for things that I have already done.  Most of those will be put aside.  That will whittle down the list a bit.  I don't really want to repeat something that I have done before....Especially if I have done it a number of times.

The flooring that I am using in these two boxes is some of the "scraps" that I got from Sue. 

How's this for scraps?  I don't know where she got this, but it is really neat.  It is a chevron pattern with very thin wood strips.  They are glued to a backing and very easy to install.

Now.  For the question of the day...  I need suggestions for flooring and wall treatments....Paint, wallpaper, fabric or other....Along with suggestions for color.  I might just use some of them in the two extra boxes too. 

The fun starts now.

See you tomorrow.


Kelli said...

Love the chevron flooring! Very neat I'm going with the vote of a fabric wall covering for the mystery box, I always think that looks so luxurious! I'm also voting for a nice deep green color somewhere amidst the wall, floor, or ceiling. :)

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. For flooring for the
mystery box, I suggest a tile floor in earth tones (green, blue and beige, then choose curtains and
wall color paint from the tile. This will meet with the approval with the scientist of whichever branch of the sciences you choose, whether you make an office, observatory,or bedroom.
See, I am convinced that is the
direction you are going.

Lucille said...

It's too bad we can't suggest themes anymore because I just thought of such a good one. A canning room. You know, a place where preserves are made and then the other side could have shelves with the assortment of canned things all in nice jars. I'll be back later with my suggestion for the floor. My imagination is stuck at the moment.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, don't forget that I need input in the color scheme too...I have pretty much decided that all three boxes will have elements of some of the suggestions that you all are making.

2minimom said...

I love the chevron floor. How about carpeting in the room? Color: I like orange or purple. Bright Neons would be different!!! Wall treatment, I agree with fabric.

Lucille said...

For the floors, I suggest ceramic tiles in a nice pattern. You could make them with egg carton. For the walls, a type of imitation lime wash in a soft patina and with very pale blue woodwork. You could also have a brick floor if that's easier. That too can be made out of egg carton.

mcddiss said...

creo que para las pareces estaria bien papel pintado en colores claros, como amarillo palido o rosa palo , el suelo ya me gusta el que hay en las fotos
La verdad es que es muy complicado oponar sobre algo que no sabes que va a ser , pero espero que te ayude



Cara said...

I wonder how upholstery fabric for the flooring and maybe some of the wood flooring as wainscoting would work out?

maria l. said...

Hermosa presentación. Muy buena idea y forma de mostrar un buen trabajo