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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Bald and the Beautiful....

Sorry about the fuzzy photo.  I didn't check to see if it turned out before I took others.

Tessie wouldn't let me use the photo of the back of her bald head, like Zar did.  She insisted on at least the first step before clicking.

Here you see the first step.  I took the braid of mohair and spread it out, like the one that she has in her hand.  Then I cut it at the inside of the curve and stuck that to the front and sides of her head in one piece. (The back is still bald in the photo.)

Then I did the same thing again at the back of her head.

I took three thin pieces of the mohair and braided them into a longish braid. Then I wound it around itself in a flat spiral, being careful to keep the braid showing on the outside of the bun shape.

I was going to do lots of curls, but Tessie threw them across the room and stomped on them.  They were not in great shape when she finished.

She did let me take a photo of her attempt at braiding and the crushed curls, whilst standing on top of a sewing box that I made years ago.  It has part of my collection of antique sewing items on top.

I'll bet you were waiting to see Zar. Here he is. 

I put a longer, more fashionable vest on him this time.  I may go back and change it.  It kind of overpowers him and makes him look short.

Here you can see the rest of Tessie's new hairdo.  She did let me put a curl behind each ear and a bow at each side of the bun.  Knowing Tessie, both the ringlets and the bows will be wilted in a week...Oh well...

She wouldn't let me change her dress.  She just opted for a new apron.  

She claimed that she was too busy getting the cottage ready to move into...She didn't say who it was that would be moving in...Any guesses?

See you tomorrow. 


Lucille said...

You did a great job, Casey. Zar looks more stocky, somehow. I love his hair. Tessie looks very dainty with her curls and bows.

Cara said...

I don't know I kind of like Zar's new vest. But I do know that I *love* Tessie's new hairdo! Very pretty.

Caseymini said...

Cara, you don't have to worry. Both of them change their minds often!LOL

mcddiss said...

creo que has hecho un gran trabajo de restauracion con Zar, se ve bien asi ,Tessie esta muy guapa con su nuevo peinado



Steinworks said...

she looks awesome :)

NyteFyre said...

They both look great to me.