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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Complete Makeover....Zar Style....

Zar went to pieces this morning....Literally!  Actually I tore him apart, limb from limb...

Luckily, he has potions for the procedure from Tessie's collection.  It doesn't bother him a bit.

In fact, I can't shut him up.  He is worse than Tessie, when it comes to making suggestions about his appearance.
His one condition was that I didn't tell anyone that he was the one getting the makeover.....As if you couldn't tell it was him.

So...This is NOT Zar, hiding behind an old shirt sleeve, showing off his new body.

I do it in six parts.  I use thin polyester batting.  He gets a wrap around each upper arm.  Then a wrap around his chest area.  Next comes the hip area.  I start by folding the batting a few times(for his butt).  Then I wrap the hip portion all around, with the extra folds in the back.

The last is the legs.  I use strips that are the width of the area that I want to cover.  You will notice, I don't do any gluing or sewing on the pieces.  If you stretch it as you wrap, and simply pull off what you don't need at the end, the batting will stick to itself.

Zar insisted upon having a hair makeover.  Actually, I was going to do it anyway.  He was getting a few bald spots.

I used some very rustic, yak hair yarn that I have had for years.  If I untwist it, it looks just like hair....I guess it should....It is, after all, yak hair!

I do the back of the head first.  I run glue from the top of the crown to the bottom of the neck area.  Then I spread out the hair on that area and cut it off at the neckline.

The front is done in two sections.  I decide where I want the part.  Then, from there, I run the glue down the side of the head and with a piece of the hair that has been cut straight across on the end,  lay it carefully onto the head and roughly trim it.

I put the piece on the other side as close as I can to the first one and trim that one too.

I roughly shape the hair the way that I want it, using a toothpick to make it go where it should.

I will do the final trimming after Zar has put his clothes back on.  Shameless! 

Here you can see what the back looks like...He refused to turn around.  His front isn't done yet.

As you can see, I am gluing the clothing right to his form.

I do this because the clothes aren't meant for posterity.  They get replaced often.  Both Zar and Tessie are very active. 

This way, they can do all sorts of things that they couldn't do otherwise.

I will show you the rest of the process tomorrow...Tessie is waiting in line.

She just got hers done a month or so ago, but whatever Zar gets, Tessie wants the same...Well not quite.  She still wants a dress.  No pants.  She tried that once and didn't like it at all.

Anyway, the line may get longer if I don't get back and finish...Gotta run.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks for the info, Casey! I can't wait to see his new hairdo!

Giac said...

Hello casey,
It is great to see how you put them together. I wish you were around when whoever made me...they used too much batting!
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

I know how you feel, Giac....I have the same problem...Too much stuffing.LOL