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Friday, April 26, 2013

Making Headway....

Another shelf bites the dust!  And in answer to your next question...No...I am still not done.

I did, however accomplish a lot.  I wanted to go outside and do some yard work.  It is such a nice morning...I got stopped in my tracks.

I bought one of those new pocket hoses that shrinks up to nothing.  Loved it the first day....Light weight and easy to carry around.  Second day, not so much.  I had to have Walter tighten the sprayer on the plastic fittings with a pair of pliers...That was OK.  But today I decided that Walter can have that one for the front yard.

I had to have Walter put the ground sprinkler on it to cover a third of the back yard at a time...It worked OK.  It was close to the spigot.  The trouble started when I tried to move it to the other side of the yard.  I turned off the water and moved it....It snapped back like a rubber band!

I tried holding it on that side of the yard with a big rock....Turned on the water and it threw the rock several feet and snaked itself back to the porch...

Next I tried poking a stick in a hole in the sprayer, through the ground, to hold it in place....Nope.  It didn't like being held down.  Jumped back to 25 foot length, once again...

By this time, I was soaking wet and not too happy...I just hope that there were no neighbors around to hear the argument I was having with a hose.

I called Walter.  He was out doing errands...It isn't nice to laugh at your wife when she is standing there soaking wet, demanding that you buy her an old fashioned hose that does what she wants it to.  One that I can manage to unscrew the nozzle on.  One that doesn't jump back and squirt you every time that you try to move it to a new location...

He is now out looking for one that I don't have to argue with.  Granted, the new one was fun as long as I only used it for spot watering... So much for those new fangled inventions....So much for a morning of yard work!

 I came in and went back to work in my room...After I got dry.

Look!  The mid century mod is back. If you need tutorials for any of the furniture, it is listed in the side bar labels under...Furniture!

 The Terrible Two are happy....They weren't around until after the hose incident...Please don't tell them.  They would be wanting me to demonstrate...I would be tempted to use it on them!

This is the best area I have done so far.  All of my 1/4" scale stuff is in one place.  Yup.  That's all it takes to decorate in quarter scale.

You need foam core, wood and mat board if you want to do a structure, but these few boxes are all you need to finish.

The 1/4" house on top is from a Victorian Cottage book on real houses. The roof and the two sides fit into grooves and it is a whole, closed house.

I am going back to work on the room now and I will be pouting as I work, about getting wet. I will be waiting for Walter to bring me one of the old fashioned hoses that doesn't argue.

(P.S. I think that I left out a very important piece of the hose connector.  It is a shut off valve that holds water in the hose whilst you move it.  We will try that as soon as Walter gets home...I hate hoses that are smarter than I am!  Stay tuned!)

See you tomorrow.


Lynn said...

Oh No!!! And I just bought TWO of those darn hoses because it keeps getting harder and harder for me each year to lug around those old-fashioned, heavy hoses! Geez! Love your blog and love the personalities you have created for Tessie and Zar - I feel like I know them!

Caseymini said...

Lynn, I am thinking that I was using it wrong! Don't let me stop you. I accidently left off the shut off valve that keeps water in the hose. As soon as Walter gets back from his shopping, we are going to try again. Keep watch. I will let you know how it does. I think that, if it is filled with water when you move it, it will be ok. We shall see.

Merri said...

I sure wish I were as organized as you are, Casey!

Minka said...

Casey, watch this has some clues that sound like your story.