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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Going Sideways....

First of all, for Lynn... The pocket hose is great, as long as you want to use it with a pistol grip, hand held nozzle.  It just doesn't work for a ground sprayer.  It won't stay expanded to it's full length, without being filled wither water, and the turn off valve is at the nozzle end...Wetness ensues when you try to turn it on and run very, very, extremely fast... If you want to know more, contact me by e mail.

Now for the sideways stuff...  I went out and got another hose(non kinking supposedly) this morning.

When I went out to set it up, I found that Mr. Burbank was blooming.  This is a Burbank Prickly Pear.  The fence is six feet tall...Mr. Burbank was about seven foot until he got his top frosted off.  We were worried that he was not going to be happy about losing some of his limbs.

Evidently he is back to being a happy cactus.
The cactus is covered with buds and will keep blooming for a couple of weeks.

Who said that the desert was gray and brown?  We have lots of color.

Here they are up close and personal.
My other sideways step was to do a trial run of where I want the new cottage to live.

It moved pretty good, without losing a lot of parts and as soon as it stopped moving, the Terrible Two moved back in....Still no potion for me....
The table that it is going to sit upon is actually two half round tables.

They just happen to be the same height.  Non matching.

You caught me.  This is one of the corners in the workroom that I haven't finished yet, but I had to try it out.

I will probably move the tables and house to somewhere else in the house.  I am thinking that, after I get Walter to take the doors off of the closet in the workroom, I will have room to put the table that I work on back in there.

 Maybe this one will go in the bedroom so that it's not hidden when the workroom is messy.

Come on....You didn't think that it was going to be pristine forever, did you???

Anyway, today is all about moving sideways....Tomorrow I will go back to linear thinking...Maybe...

See you then.


Lucille said...

That is one gorgeous cactus! Good luck with your rearranging!

Sans! said...

Over here, if a cactus like hat bloom, it means something auspicious is going to happen.

My mum's cactuses bloomed twice. Once just before my sister got married and another time, just before one of her grandchildren was conceived :).

Caseymini said...

Sans, if that's the case, everybody here would be conceiving and marrying every spring!LOL You should see what the desert looks like when it is in full bloom. We live in an area where choilla cactus is prevelant. They have fuschia blooms and LOTS. There are all kinds around here. Saguaro, barrel, prickly pear, and teddybear, just to name a few.