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Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost There...

My closet looks so much roomier without doors!  Walter took them off in a matter of minutes this morning.

Just look at all of the space! 

I plan to move the side facing closet, on the right, back so that it is facing out.

I already did that on the other side....after I took the photo.  
I cleaned out my wood drawer this morning...I threw out almost as much wood  scraps as I saved.  The ones that I threw out were not really usable, except for very small items.

See the two large baskets at the bottom?  The stuff that all fit in the bottom drawer...(I forgot I emptied it about a month ago).

Those two are now freed up, probably for paint.

I know this isn't very good entertainment for you, but I am having too much fun....Fun and cleaning shouldn't be used in the same sentence, but I am doing it anyway.  After this is finished, I will be able to work in this room(when it's not toooo hot).
Tessie and Zar showed up, about the time that I was finishing for the morning...Of course.

They piled into the clean wood drawer and started making suggestions for what I should build next....Zar took one look at all the veneers and shouted, "Parquet Floor!!!"

Tessie is taking a more practical approach...."You have enough walnut for a suite for my bedroom...and for some Louis the 15th, for the drawing room....Maybe some bass wood cabinets for the pantry and kitchen cabinets...That part doesn't need to be quite so fancy.".

I refuse to be baited into asking where she is going to put all of this, but judging from Zar's shout out about parquet floors and her pile of plans, I have a feeling that they have been discussing the Palace of Versailles....

I am going to go hide in a corner now.  Far, far away from the Terrible Two....

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! It is always a great feeling to get chores done and checked off of the list. I think that having the wood strips in a drawer is a marvelous idea and I am now seriously considering removing all the magazines that are currently occupying one of mine and installing the more fragile and vulnerable wood strips, in the drawer instead. How come there just NEVER seems to be enough space for this MINIATURE hobby!???


Lucille said...

Casey, believe me, I understand that you have to clean so often. But, no matter how organized we are, don't you think that it's still hard sometimes to find what we're looking for. No matter that everything has labels on it. Anyways, the beat goes on, and Casey keeps on cleaning. Hahha!!