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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"More Please!!!"

I told you that Tessie was helpful with making notes and drawing up plans a couple of days ago...Now I know why.

This is the plan for the corner boxes.  She did two sizes.  The smaller one has a 3/4" square base.  The larger one is 1"square.

I have some of these in real life for minis, so we must have some for the mini cottage.

They are easy to make and if you can't build stuff to put inside, go to the nearest model railroad store and pick up a few people...Mini people.

I cut this one out of heavy scrap book paper.  The kind that comes in a big tablet.  Both sides are finished,so it is easy to do....No wallpapering.

The pattern is drawn on 1/4" graph paper, so I imagine that you can easily translate it for your own use.

These are the pieces needed.  A back cut from card stock.  In this case a 2 1/4" X 1 1/8 piece

The reason for the extra(above and beyond the 1 X 2 piece is for the front lips that you see on either side and an allowance for the thickness of the bottom square.

The plastic piece was cut from the corner of one of the boxes that I showed you the other day.  It is 2" X1 1/8.  Again, this is to allow for the thickness of the base.  The top square is cut about a 16th of an inch larger than the box itself and then an eighth of an inch is added all around for the side of the lid.

I put together the plastic and other two sides with  Tacky glue and glued those to the bottom floor piece.  In this case it was a Woodsie that is 1" square.

Someone from across the pond asked about Woodsies the other day...They are little flat cutouts of wood that come in different shapes and sizes.  Pretty cheap and lots in a bag.  We get them at Michael's and other craft stores here in the states.  I am not sure that they are available in other countries or not.  If not, just cut a piece of bass wood in the size that you need.
Next I ran a strip of the paper around the bottom front of the box to cover the edge of the floor.

When I put the top on, I decided it definitely needed a top source of light.  I had a piece of frosted plexi  laying on the desk, so I just cut a 1" square out with scissors and cut a  square out of the middle of the box lid.

I then glued the plexi to the inside of the top....Problem solved.  Now I can see the lady inside the box just fine.

Tessie and Spike volunteered to pose with the new box to show you that it is in scale...

That's where the "more please" came into play...Pick me up off of the floor!  Tessie actually said please!

I do believe that she thinks that she is going to be moving into the cottage....

Wake up and smell the roses, Tessie!

It's so easy to keep her in line...I simply asked her to pose in one of the real corner boxes, so that you could see what it looked like.

I wonder how long it is going to take her to realize that she is trapped in there until I decide to let her out....

At least she has a bowl of cereal, coffee and a newspaper to keep her busy for a while...And...I won't let her leave until she puts my beaded purse back on the hook where it belongs!

It shouldn't be too long now, but at least I am still a little smarter than she is...I'm not trapped in a box.  I'm going back to work now...Let me know if you hear her yelling to get out....

See you tomorrow.  Don't forget to vote!


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. They are very cute "corner
boxes". Another great idea I would like to make.
I'm off to vote again.

Lucille said...

Cute little boxes! Thanks for another tutorial, Casey! That's a very pretty outfit Tessie is wearing. I enlarged the photo and I was able to get a closer look. I also like that little hat you made for her. Of course, Spike is looking his cutest!

mcddiss said...

gracias por el minitutorial de la cajita , es muy sencillo de seguir y util, veo que Tessi sigue a su aire , metiendose donde nadie la llama ,