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Monday, March 4, 2013

How's Your Day Going So far?

 Mine is a typical Monday...  So far, I have done three loads of wash....the fourth is in process...

I have done bathroom cleaning and washed floors...

Planted some plants in the back yard. and...broken a miniature folly!

I went to move the sewing table that this little half inch garden folly sits upon and it fell off...I should say slid off.  It was on the bottom shelf and I didn't even think to move it before I moved the table. GRRRRRR....

At least, all it needed was a bunch of glue and a steady hand to fix it.  I had both of those.
There is a small spot on the side of the topknot that will need a touch up with gold paint.  Otherwise, it just needed to be put back together.

Please don't ask why there is a baby rhino in residence.  He moved in shortly after I did this one...He seems to like it in there.  He just wanders around an chews on the plants.

I am not sure why I bought him, although his kind are my favorites at the zoo. I used to head for their enclosure when my art classes did zoo outings.  Those and the buzzards are great for drawing.  They tend to hold still longer than some of the other animals...
I got some more of the roof finished, whilst waiting for the floors to dry this morning. 

I noticed that the last couple of courses of shingles that I did are a bit droopy at one end...Oh well. It's my cottage and if I want crooked shingles, I can have crooked shingles.  So there!

Tessie is still hoping that I will lose interest in the place as soon as I finish it...She even gave me her extra kumihimo wheel and a long list of supplies that she thinks should be on the shelves.  Thank you, Tessie!

Well....I still have the kitchen floor and a bathroom floor to mop,(real life ones) so....From the most boring blog in the universe...

See you tomorrow. Back to the good stuff then.


Lucille said...

It's a good thing you were able to fix the miniature folly, Casey. It's so pretty! As for the crooked tiles on the roof, personally, I think that when things are not perfect, it adds to the charm, especially crooked tiles here and there. You've had a pretty busy day. I've been working on a quilt today. I'm waiting on two orders right now. One of them is not even shipped yet. What do you mean, the most boring blog on earth?!! I don't agree with that. Yours is one of the most interesting blog out there. What with the terrible three and all their doings. And all those fantastic tutorials?!! Furthermore, what are you waiting for to write a book. You have the interesting characters and you're a good writer. Children would love to read about the terrible three and look at the pictures depicting their antics! I would be the first one to buy it. That's for sure!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. That's a pretty little
folly! The house is coming along fine. What's it going to be when
it's done?

Caseymini said...

Lucille, if it were perfect,with straight shingles, it wouldn't be mine!

Phyllisa, you must have missed a couple of entries along the line. This is going to be my miniatures and crafts cottage in the back yard when I am through. I will still have to go in the house to sleep, eat and go to the bathroom, but I will have all of my tools, supplies and workspace in one place...I can dream. Can't I?LOL

Margaret said...

I love your 'folly' Casey, glad you were able to fix it without too much fuss. And I like the sagging roof tiles, just like sometimes happens in RL country cottages, none of the angles are what we would expect. Makes it much more interesting. And it's nice to dream isn't it, ignore Tessie until you have finished it I say.

Caseymini said...

Margaret, did I just hear you say "Ignore Tessie"? You can't be serious. I don't think that is possible. Maybe lock her in a closet for a few hours, but ignore her??? I don't think so!LOL

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey.
No, I didn't miss any entries. I read your blog first thing every day.
I wouldn't miss it!
I guess I wasn't paying too much attention when you mentioned it's purpose. Now I get it.

mcddiss said...

me alegro de que el pequeño desastre se arreglase con pegamento y buen pulso, y bueno lo de las tejas torcidas , no hay nadie perfecto y asi queda mas real, ¿no?
buen trabajo



Merri said...

Put it next to the crooked cottage. No one will notice that roof at all :)

hopeful said...

Casey: The crooked shingles lets it take on that "storybook cottage" feel. I actually quite like it!
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