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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brown is Down and the Stones Rock!

This morning I had to do some straightening in the workroom.  As usual, I got sidetracked a bit by the things scattered around on the desk. 

Remember those little glass jars, full of nail polish add ons?  I really disliked the plastic plugs in the top...They will now have cork  stoppers.  I got out my handy dandy roll of cork shelf liner and cut a small piece, like the one that you see in the front. I simply rolled it up, sticky side in, and stuffed it in the neck of the bottle...It worked.  Now I won't have to go searching for tiny corks.  I left the end showing, so that you could see how I did it.  I will turn that to the wall when I put it on a shelf.

I also experimented with cutting down one of those plastic boxes that I used for the corner box yesterday.  I got a passable storage box, that you can see through, to put on the shelves.  Kind of like the ones in my  real room.
Now.  About the stones.  Not the Rolling Stones.  The ones that I am covering the outside of the house with.

Yes.  I changed my mind again.  That's a six year old's privilege.  I am not being a Scanner.  I didn't change projects.  I just changed the outer surface.  And I like it a lot more.

When I was little, we had friends in Michigan tht had a stone house.  I always thought that they lived in a castle...It was my favorite building back then.  Now I will have one of my own.

Please ignore the lady at the window.  She has been following me everywhere with that sign.  I asked her what she thought she was doing?

Her answer was, "We are behind.  I am just doing my job."

So now she thinks that this will do the trick...Meanwhile I just keep tripping over signs.  They are all over the house.  She keeps making more.

Here's a close up of the end of the house.  I wanted you to see that the first layer is just plain flat egg carton fitted together piece by piece.  The two columns at the rear of the house and this side took me about 6or 7 hours yesterday and last night.

The right column on the bay has some of the torn carton layered on top.

When I finish these two steps, I will start scoring and shaping the cement lines between the stones.
I got up this morning and started on the front of the house.  The part that you see to the left took me about an hour and a half.  It's a good thing that I get up early.  Each piece has to be cut to fit the area and then trimmed.  All four corners on each piece get nipped off.  No square corners here.

When I get home from the witches mini meeting, I will start doing some more.
I was cleaning up the leftovers from the kit this morning and ran across the furniture sheets that came with it. 

I hadn't planned on using those, but then I saw these pieces.  Mad scientist time...

This was supposed to be a box bed.  Not too impressive, but then it might make a good foundation for a daybed/couch for under the double window.

Who knows?  Maybe I will need a nap now and then.  You will have to wait and see.

I ordered Zar to keep Tessie in line and out of trouble whilst I am gone today... So far, he hasn't even succeeded in getting the sign away from her.

Oh well....At least it will keep her busy while I am away....Maybe it will cut down on the loss of toothpicks. Make Tessie happy.  Go vote for her.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

You certainly did get a lot done, Casey! Can't wait to see you working the stone wall. I finished my quilt yesterday, my first quilt ever. It's cute! As it turns out, I won't use it for the black bed. I'm still looking for inspiration for this bed.

The grandmommy said...

I will be watching you make those stone walls. I have always wanted to learn, but had a hard time understanding exactly was being done.

mcddiss said...

me gustan esas paredes de piedra, te quedan muy bien , veo que Tessy sigue igual que siempre , seguro que ese sofa te ira muy bien , aunque sabes que Tessy se apoderara de el en cuanto lo vea



Fabiola said...

Great work. I like the stone walls.
Bye Faby

Steinworks said...

something is rotten in Denmark, I vote for everyone just once because Im wishy washy that way and yesterday I voted for says you have 42 votes so I thought ..ok it didnt take so I will do it today and I still says 42??

I think the election is rigged and Im calling foul..if my vote counted it would be at least 43 or 44 since I did it today as well as yesterday

do we have a mini FBI we can report this too?

Marisa :(

Caseymini said...

Marisa, that is the percentage of votes I have. It takes quite a lot of votes to change it by even one percent at this point. Right now I have 43% and Otterine has 46%. We are going to have to get friends, cousins, aunts, uncles and even complete strangers to vote to get it to change. Thanks for voting for Tessie!