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Saturday, March 9, 2013

It Was an Accident...Honest!

I finished the weaving part of the chair this morning. 

I decided that I needed a wing chair to keep out drafts.  I don't do these often as they are a bit more fussy to make.

The back and arms have to be woven separately and the wings have to be as a mirror image to each other.

I will probably pad the back and wings, as well as the seat, for comfort.

Before I do that, I still have to do a lot of braiding for the edges.

Here's the accident...I was concentrating on the chair and didn't even notice that I was committing one of the cardinal offences of good photography...I cut off Tessie's head. 

She was not at all happy for being left out of the photo. I was too lazy to go back and do it again, after I saw what happened.  It really was an accident...Honest!

She isn't speaking to me right now...Maybe I should do it more often.

I finished the rest of the placement of the rocks.  Now I can start the non-boring part of the program....As soon as I find my favorite ball stylus.  It seems to be hiding somewhere good this time.

Maybe it would be an excellent idea to clean up the workroom a bit....I don't want to..I want to work on my new work cottage.  That's more fun. 

See?  Here's proof that I really didn't decapitate Tessie.  She insisted upon standing by the window when I took this one.  Being that Spike is almost as big of a ham as she is, he ran for the upstairs window.  Tessie wouldn't let him share hers.

I am off to look for the missing stylus now...Gotta go.

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

Loving the chair. It is looking great. I love miniature wicker work. A nice cosy cushion and you wouldn't want to get out of it.

Lucille said...

The stone work is coming along. A big job! I see Spike is being quite brave!

Teresa said...

Maybe you should ask Tessie about the missing tool! Bet she doesn't own up to hiding it though!

Cara said...

I'm finally caught up! I started a few months ago from the start and read forward. Now, after a marathon session of reading for six hours today I'm all caught up! I'm loving this little cottage so far. Spike in the top window is cracking me up.

Sab said...

Now you know what to do if you want some rest from Tessie;) I find it difficult to weave a simple basket, so for me it is amazing that you can weave a wingchair!

Fabiola said...

The chair looks fantastic!
Bye Faby