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Friday, March 8, 2013

Not Over Yet....

It has been a long day already.  I got up about 5:30AM.  Walter left at 6:30AM to play golf.  I started rocking about 7:00AM.

I stopped only for a short breakfast, lunch and vacuuming of the house. The rest of the time I was working in the egg carton rock quarry.  I found that I had plenty of the older, thicker egg cartons to do the cottage.

Until I started doing this one, I didn't really notice that the ones that I have been collecting lately are much thinner than the old ones from Walmart.  Sadly, they now put theirs in Styrofoam...Very breakable...

The ones that I have been buying from Fry's are about half the weight of the other ones.  They won't be so easy to work with...I will probably need more layers with the new ones.

I thought that you might like to see them really close up.  I cut each stone separately as I go. 

I use a big pair of old scissors to do the job.

I have no pattern at hand.  Just a pencil, scissors, glue and egg cartons.  Every carton that I am using has a recipe for how to hard boil an egg....I will probably never forget how to do it, even if I turn senile.
Here's a photo of the lip of the upper edge of the carton, wrapped around the edge of one of the window sills. If the curled edge isn't quite big enough, it is easy to bend it a bit more with fingers.

Also, notice that I didn't wrap it to the inside of the window frame.  It is easier to make it blend in with torn pieces when I am shaping the all of the boulders.
OK.  Confession time.  I didn't do any more of the rocks yesterday, after I wrote the blog.  I switched gears and went over to the wicker chair. 

I got all of the weaving done that is above the seat, where Spike is sitting.

Tessie and Zar would have you believe that they did all the work.  Zar, waxing the thread...And Tessie weaving...

Good pose guys.  There's only one problem...Tessie is NOT left handed.  Oh well...At least they aren't throwing stones or fighting for the time being. 

I had better get back to work.  Then comes the fun part, where I get to play with torn egg cartons and glue.

Trust me...You don't want to see the bedroom right now.  It looks like there was an egg carton snow storm in there.  It isn't pretty.  Why did I stop to vacuum???

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The cottage is coming along
nicely. I certainly relate to crafts
being messy. I don't know why my crafts have to take over the whole house when I have a craft room to make a mess in? It could be because after we clean up we think we are
Wonder Woman? Well, I do anyway!

Lucille said...

Yep, it's a big job, Casey. But it will be worth it when you're finished.

Margaret said...

Your stonework looks amazing I love it, I am yet to try out egg cartons and we don't get recipes on ours, sometimes I need a reminder how long to cook for soft or hard-boiled:D

mcddiss said...

esa fachada esta casi terminada , al menos de poner piedras ,me gustan mucho los muebles de mimbre que haces , te quedan preciosos