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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Change of Page

The About. Com voting page has changed.  It is now, It will probably change again soon.  It seems that every time Leslie adds a new entry, the voting goes down some. It is now on page 2 of her blog.  I will try to stay on top of it.  I changed it on the badge url just now....I will keep changing it as it moves.  Sorry about that.

More later.


Patsea said...

When I click on the link on the right of your page, I then have to scroll down and go to the next page to vote. The voting spot keeps getting pushed farther down as they add things in the beginning of their link. The voting spot on the second page is down at the bottom, so you may have to go to Page 3 to vote soon.

Phyllisa said...

Hey Tessie! It's time to get out the
"Vote For Tessie" signs again! Your
blog is falling behind.

The vote section on is now back on page 1.

Patsea said...

No problem, Casey. Just wanted to let you know what was happening with the voting section.