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Friday, March 1, 2013

Baskets and a Lot of Rug to Go...

First of all, I needed a place to store fabric.  I planned to store it in a couple of baskets, on the floor, under the shelves.
A couple of  Woodsies measuring 1"x2" did the trick. 

I used the old Penelope canvas and a base trick.  I had some over dyed brown, tan and rust thread on hand.

I put the baskets together first this time, because I wanted t be sure that they fit the space.   That makes the stitching a bit more difficult, but not much.  I put two rounds of stitches in each space.  If you want instructions on how to do these baskets, these are two basic posts on the subject.  There are a few more listed under "baskets" in the label dept.

There is a bit of space left between the two.  I will store something else there.

Tessie tells me that there is no way enough fabric.  Only 20 different kinds will have to do for now.

The baskets took all afternoon to do, so I didn't get much else done.

I still haven't finished drawing up the design for the rug....I did, however, count the stitches....I always do.  I can't resist. 

This one will have 13,741 cross stitches in all...

I did 166 this morning...Now I only have 13,575 to go...

"Tessie!  Get your needle. I need help!"

I finally took away all of her signs yesterday.  She went too far. I found her running around with one tied into the bow on the back of her apron.  That was over the limit.

She will just have to remind you at the end of each post to vote.  This one is short, because we are going to a movie that starts at 11:05 this morning...

I have to go get ready. 

See you tomorrow.


Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

I really like how its coming along, the baskets were a really good idea also cant wait to see how the rug turns out :)I'm going off to vote now Tessie don't worry

jennywren said...

I'm sure this will sound like a silly question but what are Woodsies? You often mention them but I am presuming its something easily available in the USA that may be called something else over here in the UK - if we have them at all.
By the way the voting form has slipped to page 2 now - wouldn't want anyone to miss it.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

It is a very interesting design for your rug, Casey. You should give it a name. Happy March to all of you!