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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh! Look! An Empty Drawer!!!

It's Wednesday again...What's the use of starting something that I can't finish?

I decided that, instead of working on the Clockwork cottage this morning, I would do something completely different...

I started straightening my jewelry making supplies.  I don't care if I have to stop in the middle of that project.

With Tessie's help, I got the first two shelves nicely straightened...Then I remembered that there was stuff in the bottom drawer that should be with jewelry and not hiding in the drawer.

Thus, we emptied that drawer.  It will probably be full by nightfall.  I am thinking that would be a handy place to keep all of the landscaping materials.  Right now those are all in the closet and hard to get near. 

I have to do it quickly.  Tessie is on the shelf above and threatening to push everything back off and into the drawer again.  She loves to drop things and see if they bounce...Most things don't....

I completed a diagonal peyote stitch bracelet yesterday.  Tessie says it is way too big..."Make it smaller!!!"

Then I taught myself to do round herringbone stitch.  That's the piece that is by her feet.  I am liking that stitch.  You get to add two beads at a time... It goes faster than peyote stitch.
I had a brainstorm yesterday afternoon.  I needed a place to put Lettice's new room.  In this house that is hard to find...

When I last moved things around, I put the cat tree in the corner of the family room. 

Since Walter took the top post off, there is a level top on it....Widget seldom goes above the first floor...It is mainly a gigantic scratching post.

Lettice moved to the top of the tree.  Actually it gives a bit of class to an otherwise uninteresting scratching post.

I may have to see if it will hold a couple of other things.  I may as well put it to good use, since Widget tends to ignore it from the first layer up. 

Tessie and Zar took the whole thing over for a Christmas party a couple of years ago.  Neither of the cats objected.  Soooo....I have a new display tower.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I hope Widget doesn't change his mind and decide to explore what's up there!

The grandmommy said...

I like the look of it. looks like a old Mexican village. It fits perfectly in that corner!

Steinworks said...

my cats would topple that thing and then work their way around the rest of the room. does Wiget make housecalls..mine need training

Merri said...

Wow, your kitties are angels. Mine would have cleaned off the top of that cat tree in a heartbeat. They're so rough I've had to have a special reinforced tree custom built. It's ugly, but it won't come crashing down. I love all the printer trays on your walls. What perfect spots to display tiny goodies!