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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

"OK...Here's the plan...Casey got some good stuff for Valentine's Day...  The bracelet that she picked out at the gem show will work as a cottage garden in front of the Clockwork Cottage. That, you can have, Zar...."

 " The plant has dirt in the bottom...Great for Spike to dig in...If you know what I mean....He can have that."

"Now about the chocolate...Be very careful....Don't get too close.  It is deadly poison...  I will make the sacrifice and test all of the pieces.  Stand back at least ten feet at all times....The only time you can come closer is if I start to choke and spit it out.  Got all of that? Good.  Now get away...I shall begin testing....I will let you know if I need you..."

The last words I heard from the counter were..."Spike, you can lick the bottom if you promise not to lick too hard and promise to growl and bite anybody that tries to reach in the box..."

Well...It looks good from over here on the other side of the room....
                      Happy Valentine's day!!!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Happy Valentines Day, Casey! Glad to see little Spike got to get a taste! You did not appear on my reader. I had to Google you. It's 7:17 p.m. here and I just knew you could not be that late.

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

Happy Valentine's Day Casey, Tessie, Zar, Spike, and the rest of the family!!!
How sweet of Tessie to worry about you being "poisoned and test" all your chocolate out for you! lol

Caseymini said...

Lucille, sorry for the late post. April and Amare were here most of the day.

Kris, Tessie ate my chocolate! How could you call her sweet???LOL

Lisa Marie said...

That is funny!

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

Hey, she coulda saved you from "severe food poisoning..." haha

Btw, does Tessie know about dogs n chocolate? Letting Spike lick them like that? She'll have a mess on her hands next.

Caseymini said...

Kris, are you kidding? Tessie let him smell of the bottom and then made him go stand watch. She did promise him a big bone....that hasn't materialized so far.... Good luck, Spike!