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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It Will Be a Miracle.....

I am back working on the living room of the Clockwork cottage...It will be a miracle if I can do anything with it!

I asked Tessie to keep Zar out of my way while I worked.

I couldn't find my blue painter's tape....Tessie helped....

While I was looking for the tape, she taped Zar to the wall...I didn't specify how she was supposed to keep him busy...

As he struggled against the tape, he dislodged the piece of trim that I had just installed to cover two slots in the wall that I decided not to use. Here we go again.  Now I have to pry it off and lower it just a little.

I put on some trim around the doors and windows.  It will be gessoed and painted the same color as the walls.

Sometimes I am not too bright...I threw away the door frames because I thought I wasn't going to use them...That will teach me a lesson? Probably not.

At least I have lots of wood to cut new ones.  They don't have to be pretty, just the right thickness and shape.  I still need to add more of the chair rail, so that that element will go all the way around the room and not look like a mistake.

Here's the big problem!  I still have to patch the stairwell that I took out. 

I will do the best that I can...Then if it still shows, I have a number of large paintings that would go well in that spot...  Just a thought.
As soon as I finish with the floor in the living room...After I finish the walls and the fireplace and the patching, I will finally be ready to do the stone work on this side of the house...

I do hope that you weren't holding your breath in anticipation!  Hopefully I can get to it in the next day or two.  It all depends on how the living room goes....Maybe I had better tell Tessie to let Zar out of his bonds.  I may need all the help I can get!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hang in there, Casey. Eventually it will all get done. It always does. Just get Zar to help a bit. Maybe if you locked Tessie up in that famous cage for a few days, it might help! (Chuckling)!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, the way it's going, I may need Tessies help too! LOL

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. It does look like the living room in the Clockwork Cottage needs a lot of work. But you're so good at fixing up these things, I'm certain you will have it looking great very soon.

mcddiss said...

veo que sigues trabajando en la sala y te han dejado hacerlo esos dos ,asi que puedes estar contenta , buen trabajo