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Thursday, January 3, 2013


The Terrible Two strike again....I heard the two of them with their heads together this morning, whispering excitedly...

This is what came of it.  Tessie agreed to zap the Clockwork Cottage from the highest shelf in the workroom and put it on the worktable in place of the Russian Cottage....That is now on the top shelf.

There was a catch to the bargain...Tessie made Zar agree to tell her how to get into the secret workroom.  I fear that Zar is going to be very sorry, sooner or later...
Tessie managed to get it down, but I had to turn it around to see the inside. She wore her zapper out doing the first deed.

Zar, of course, rushed in ahead of everyone else to check the secret door.  It was wide open...

Unfortunately he rushed to that so fast the the bookcase hidden compartment in the living room was open.  Tessie walked in and went right to she knows on of the hiding places that Zar built into the place.

I didn't check the "silent butler" that lifts from the kitchen to Zar's workshop.  I am assuming that it still works.  Tessie has never caught on to that either.  She just thinks its the pots and pans cupboard, so of course she isn't interested in that...That would mean having to prepare food for Zar.

By the time that Tessie reached the top of the stairs, Zar had already managed to get the bookcase/secret door closed. 

She greeted him with, "So where's the secret door?".

He answered with, "I didn't say when I would show it to you.  I have to clean it up first....You will have to wait."

I see a tiny problem for Zar in the future...It's name is Tessie.  She was NOT happy with his answer. She turned around and left in a huff.

The last I saw of her, she was headed back out of the kitchen with a big broom...I don't think that it was for flying...She was mumbling something about someone being beaten about the head and shoulders...

The last I saw of Zar, he was in the workroom with his back braced against the door.  There is a little hitch in his plan too...  I cleared all of the heavy furniture out, before I put the house on the top shelf....Now all I have to do is find the box.  Then, he can shove his heavy workbench against the bookcase.

Anyway, guess what I am in the mood to work on now? 

Don't nag.  I am working on the rug too.  I have all of the dark pink in the squares finished. I will show you tomorrow.

See you then.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The Clockwork Cottage is a really COOL little house. I look forward to it's completion, right behind Zar and you.

Lucille said...

I see the terrible two have been at it again. Never a boring moment, eh, Casey! Anyways, it will be nice to see you work once again on the Clockwork Cottage.

mcddiss said...

veo que esos dos siguen con sus travesuras , pero al menos te dejan trabajar en tus alfombras , eso es una buena noticia