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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OK....Let's Get Back to Minis....


Today, I am recovering from the Birthday/New Year's Day festivities.

We recovered by going to see Jack Reacher, this morning...It was pretty good if you haven't read the books and know that Jack Reacher is a man that measures 6'5" tall....Tom Cruise is 5'7"!  Doesn't quite measure up.  Pardon the pun.  I just pretended that it was some other character and it came out OK.

I gave April a 1927 Better Homes and Gardens magazine that we couldn't decide if she bought and lent it to me or if I bought it.  All I really wanted was this one Armstrong floors ad.  It was what I had in mind for the Clockwork cottage Kitchen.  Remember that one?  It's been a while...It may have to come down off of it's shelf one of these days....

None of us got anything done.  Amare is all the entertainment we need.  He kept us busy most of the afternoon.  Really fun to be around now.

I think he may be a budding miniaturist.  He is very good around the minis, but I have a corner room box sitting down where he can see and touch it....He kept going over to it and trying to figure out why he couldn't get his fingers to go through the Plexiglas to touch the furniture. 

Yup....Miniaturist in the making.
I had to record the first sunset of 2013.  This is one of the reasons for living in Arizona.  This was right outside the back door.

Yes, I know I am rambling.  I hoped you wouldn't notice.
I got all of the strap work between the squares done....Except for 26 stitches.  I ran out of thread!  26 stitches! 

I went to Walmart this morning and got a skein of 644 and I am back in business....All 26 stitches.  Now you see why I never run out of thread...The three boxes are filled because every skein is about 26 stitches short...

See?  I am working on it diligently...Kind of....Almost...Maybe tomorrow.

See you then.


Lucille said...

Amare is growing fast, Casey! He's so cute! You must have had a lot of fun with him over the Christmas holidays!

mcddiss said...

esa alfombra lleva un ritmo muy bueno ,seguro que la terminas antes de lo que te imaginas, ese amanecer es precioso, y Amare esta guapisimo



Troy said...

That is a great kitchen from the 1920's. Let me know how you would re-create it in miniature? I could probably draw it up in the computer and print it out, but not sure it would have the same look.

Steinworks said...

just look at all that hair! it's almost time to take the little guy in for a hair cut..take lots of photos and put some in a ribbon for the baby book :)


Caseymini said...

Troy, if I were going to build an exact repleca, I would do a lot of planning and reproduce everything from scratch...I am just wanting that kind of look for the kitchen of the Clockwork cottage, so am just using bits and pieces from it. I do like the color scheme.