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Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Elephant Walk....

Or maybe it should be, baby elephant mud bath...  Off subject.  We went to the zoo with Amare this morning. There are five elephants in the enclosure...Three were taking mud baths.  It was fun.  The three younger elephants were chasing each other all over the enclosure.Yes, I know those aren't miniatures....Well they were small as elephants go...

Later we saw flamingos...Yes. there is a baby flamingo in the photo.  See the little gray one in the center?  Everybody was picking on him....Poor little mini flamingo.

OK.  I know that's stretching it a bit...He was almost as tall as his mom and dad.  Assuming that they were in the photo.

We are really stretching it with this one....The lions....The pretty one in the front is paid to sit and pose for photo ops. If you look to the lower left of the photo, behind her tail, there is a guy with his chin on a log, sound to sleep....He gets paid a lot less.  All you can get is a very small photo of his nose.  Does that count as a mini?  I thought not...
OK. Yes, I did work on the rug some more. I have all but the light pink in four squares finished and about half of the outer border still has to be done. I will probably be finished tomorrow. 
I am going to stop writing  for today.  This post writing thingy is acting up.  I had a tough time uploading the photos and it won't let me put them where I want them.....The stupid post itself will only work with the writing centered on the page.Can you tell I am slightly irritated.  I am never going to get any mini-ing done if I have to play with this post all afternoon...See you tomorrow.

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mcddiss said...

seguro que Amare quedo encantado con la visita al zoo, esas fotos son preciosas,gracias por compartirlas, me gusta mucho como esta quedando esa alfombra, seguro que la terminas enseguida