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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Don't Do It Spike!!!

After an all out search this morning, I found the boxes labeled "Clockwork Cottage".  I now have a better idea what has to be done inside and hopefully how to go about it.

I am going to concentrate on the inside for a while....The outside is going to be a huge undertaking.

There is a lot more work than I thought.

Zar is in pretty good shape in the workroom.  I found his workbench(in the weaver's cottage).

I noticed that there is a piece of molding missing from one side of the alcove where the TV sits.

The TV sits on a  small captain's desk that needs to be refinished. 

He also stole the director's chair.  Tessie seldom uses it, unless she is handing me orders for room cleaning....I can do without that.

I think I may do something different to the floor in that room. 
In the bathroom, I am going to fasten a cupboard or some shelves to the back of the secret door, to disguise it.

The floors in both the bathroom and the bedroom are finished.  Most of the furniture that I will need for those two rooms are at least partially done.  Again, I may do a bit of refinishing here and there....

The biggest job is going to be the dining room and the living room...Those are just a catch all for the other room right now...Not looking forward to those.
Zar found the fireplace surround for the living room.  It is partially carved.  At least it's a start.
He turned his back just a minute and when he looked back to the dumbwaiter....No Spike...

Not a good sign.  The only thing visible was the chain that lowers the dumbwaiter to the kitchen.

Spike gets the handle going around by jumping up and pulling down on it with his teeth.  After that, it spins quite freely and he has to make a fast jump into it before it gets too far.

He has a bit more of a problem getting back to the workroom....He has to climb the stairs and whine at the secret door until Zar lets him in.
 I have a lot of the stuff for the kitchen.  Stove, Steampunk ice box and sink for sure.  The tables may stay and they may not.  I know they need at least one table for prep work.

As Spike sailed into view, Tessie's back was turned.  When she turned around and saw him, she said,"Oh!  How nice of Zar to build you a bed in the kitchen...It's high enough so that you can keep me company whilst I work.  Have a cookie!"

Maybe Zar dodged the bullet this time....Fingers crossed for him.

Surely Tessie can't believe that Zar would cut a hole in the wall just so Spike would have a cozy place to nap??

Anyway, I am going back to finish the rug now....Or not.  The kitchen needs a rug....The dining room needs a rug....Probably the living room and bedroom too.  The bathroom needs a mat and towels.

The workroom needs a whole new floor.  I have to go now and start tearing my hair about what to do first.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Zar's goggles always crack me up!
The dumb waiter is so unique. So many fun things to do with that.

What kind of wood did you use to carve the fireplace surround? Maybe I should go searching... You probably did a post about it earlier?

Thanks for your comments about Dylan. He thanks you for the hugs and so do I. :D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, it is bass wood. Easiest to carve and easiest to find.

Kathi said...

Thanks. :D