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Friday, January 11, 2013

Leftovers? What Leftovers?

I finished my part.  Zar is wildly working on his part.

After tearing the sink apart, he decided to use the side braces on the tall cabinet that covers his hideout.

He stuck them on with mini hold to see how they looked.  That's as far as he got.  They need a new coat of paint.

I may have to follow him around and finish things that he doesn't.  He is worse than I am, if that is at all possible...
I did the sink surround in charcoal gray and white marble.  I won't go into how I did it, because there are instructions in the tutorials somewhere.  Just search marble.

This is far from over.  He got as far as installing the faucets and then he turned to me and asked, "Where's the keyboard?  I need it."

I couldn't imagine where he was going to use that on the new sink...I almost tossed it, but being a mini hoarder, I stashed it instead.  Good thing I did.

He solved the commode problem by lowering the tank and installing it between the sink and the tub.

The way it was before, it would have had to be installed by the door.  Not a great spot.

I dug out the keyboard an here's what transpired.  He had already grabbed some of the Chrysenbon sewing machine bases and put them together...One for the keyboard and one for the stool.

It looks like we are going to have some Steampunk music. 

He still has a way to go, but is working on a steam powered keyboard.  This could get kind of loud.  I hear that Aerosmith has a new CD on sale.  He learns every one of their songs.  Steven Tyler is one of his idols.  He keeps writing them fan letters, asking if they could us a good keyboard man, since they don't have one.

He is now in the process of writing another letter.  This time he is trying to sell them on the idea by telling them about his new steam powered keyboard(photos enclosed)....That should do it...If they don't send the men with tiny straitjackets after him.

I have to go back to work now.  He is getting ready to try powering up the new instrument....This should be interesting.  At least there is no fear of electrical shock involved.

See you tomorrow.


emily miller talbott said...

Your blog is a daily treat! The projects are great & the help you get is hilarious! So glad to have found you!



Lucille said...

Cute little keyboard, Casey! I've always wondered how you keep Tessie and Zar standing without tipping over. Do you use mini hold underneath their feet?

ShellbyFay said...

The sink is looking great! Zar has such wonderful creative thinking, the keyboard and stool look awesome!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, how do you stand up? They do it the same way. Balance and no sticky stuff on their feet ever. They are built that way.

Seriously, when I do people, that is one of the things that I am very fussy about. Even before I start on the face, the feet have to be made to keep the person standing.

That's why, every once in a while, Tessie or Zar have to have a broken leg fixed. Their bones don't last forever, but easy to fix.

Indy_Poppy said...

The sink worked out well. Very steam punk. Wish Zar all the best with his letters. He may even inspire them to write a new song.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Well, I still think you should make ure your insurance covers mini water damage, but Zeb did do some wonderful work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sink. It really was an inspired idea. Well done Zeb.
Big hug to you all,

Caseymini said...

Giac, who is this Zeb you keep referring to???LOL

Eliza said...

I always wondered how you got Tessie and company to stand. Thinking back to some of the precarious situations she's been in when you caught her making mischief, I have to admire her balance!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Zar (you) always have such clever ideas. I like that..."mini hoarder"! Have a great weekend.