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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Organ Transplant....

First thing this morning, I finished cutting and fitting the pieces for the jog in the roof.

I pasted it all together with painter's tape.  That stuff is handy, but doesn't stay in place for this kind of thing very long.

With a little shifting, the pieces fit!


Now I can take it apart and put it somewhere safe until I get further on the inside of the top rooms.  Much easier to work that way.
When I did that, Zar started harping on the bathroom again....This time, he changed his tune.
No pun intended...Yup, that's the kind of organ transplant we are talking about...

I have had a Chrysnbon Victorian pump organ languishing away in the Chrysnbon drawer for ages....I think I bought it an put it together about 20 years ago and then decided I didn't like it in the house I was working on...

Zar found it and has taken a different direction for the bathroom fixtures. He came to me with it....In pieces.

He has a plan and I have to admit, I like it.  

The bathroom is not huge and the commode, with it's tall tank only fits in one place.  He didn't like it there and neither did I.

He suggested that we combine the sink and toilet facilities in one Steampunk unit.  That way, it saves space and shortens pipes.

The piece of illustration board that you see at the bottom of the photo will become a piece of marble. 

He already cut a hole to fit a sink bowl  and is in the process of stripping the old sink of all for its pipes, faucets and other goodies.

I will have to do the marble part, but I think that I am going to let him run with the rest of the project.  He knows a lot more about plumbing and Steampunkery than I do.

I am going to stand aside and let him do all the work for a change(With Tessie's supervision...  Maybe I can still finish that rug.....And start a couple more.

I have to go find out what he is doing with all of those cog wheels.  Should be interesting to watch.

See you tomorrow.


maria said...

I have a package of those cog wheels just waiting to be used. Can't wait to see what Zar does with them.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The roof looks great. Terrific work. I can't wait to see what Zeb comes up with. The idea of incorporating the organ and the utilities sound great and should be an incredible project.
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Giac, I am not sure about Zeb. LOL But Zar (short for Balthazar) is going great guns on the project!

Lucille said...

You're so lucky to have someone with Zar's knowledge as your assistant! Now you can work on your carpet in peace knowing that everything is getting done. Marvelous!

KathieB said...

The new roof line reminds me of architect Leon E. Stanhope's hobbit-like house in Chicago. I like it!
(If the link doesn't work, Google "storybook house Chicago"

Caseymini said...

Actually Kathie, I'm not trying for the rolled roof. I want one more like the one that I had on the blog yesterday. Speaking of Hobbit houses, I found this one on dwelling gawkers yesterday. It is amazing. Round front door and everything Hobbit! Go here to look.

Merri said...