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Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Walk This Way!" At 4:17AM?

This is what I woke up to this morning.  Yes.  You read right. 4:17AM. 

I was nice and cozy under blankets and cats.  The weather here is terrible.  No storms. Just cold!  For the next four nights it is supposed to be in the mid 20s. I have all of my patio plants in the house.  How do you do it if you are faced with this kind of weather all winter?  ICK!

Anyway, the sink and the keyboard are finished and Zar and Oz decided to try the keyboard.

I repeat.  At 4:17AM!  They were blasting the roof off with their version of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way".

Tessie, bless her heart, tried to stop them...Didn't work. 

They segued from that to "Dude Looks Like a Lady".  At(all together now) 4:20AM! I took photos to prove it!

I threw the clock at them and they took the hint...Oz left.

Twenty three minutes later, Zar started using the sink....Did you know that a Steampunk sink makes fearful noises when the hair dryer is turned on?  It does.

I went and took a look.  Zar was trying it out....The hairdryer at the top was going full blast.  He had a safety razor in one hand and was turning the pages of Sherlock Holmes on the built in book stand with the other.

Why did I move the Clockwork Cottage into the bedroom???  I know there was a good reason at the time...
When it got a bit lighter, I took photos of both instruments.

I have to get that living room cleaned out.  Maybe, if the keyboard isn't in the bathroom, Zar won't be tempted to play it in the middle of the night.

Did I mention that Zar is now happily dreaming in his warm cozy bed...I am up for the duration.

I do hope that the cold spell has nothing to do with the erratic behavior!  I can't take three more nights of early morning rock concerts!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

That renovated organ is just so impressive. Who would have thought of something like this but Casey! Amazing. So is the keyboard on top of the sewing machine stand. I was still trying to fall asleep when you got up. I know this has nothing to do with minis but I needed to tell someone! Haha!

ShellbyFay said...

Poor you, Casey!! At least Zar is enjoying his new instrument! Maybe you should put a mute button on it.

MinisAntonia said...

Me encanta esta parejita, y tu trabajo es expectacular!!!!

Kathi said...

The sink cabinet is fantastic! Love the plumbing below.

I agree with Shellby. A mute button sounds like a great idea.

Maybe you could insist that Zar and his friend use headphones when they decide to play at 4:17 AM!

Caseymini said...

You aren't helping!

Lucille is braging about sleeping through it.

Shellby suggests a mute button....On a Steam driven instrument? I don't know how.

Kathi, they could use headphones, but I would still hear them singing....No solutions so far.LOL

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I would totally, TOTALLY, walk into Zar's bedroom and pull the covers right of him! 4:17 am...How rude!
The sink and the organ are just fantastic and very beautiful...true...but 4:17... the nerve!
I hope you have a good day.
Big hug
...the nerve!!!