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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trunk Finishing and An Angry Drawer.....

This is how it always happens...I go look for something to blog about, with the best of intentions....And then something explodes in my face.

This morning, I wandered into the less than clean workroom...Yup...It's that way again.

I spotted a box marked Trunk Pieces.  Sure enough there were four trunks in various stages of completion....None complete.

I thought that was as good a place as any to start.  Besides, it was in the bookcase just inside the workroom door....I didn't have to try to go further into the jungle....
Wait for it....This is the explosion part.

I went back to the living room to dig out the leather drawer from the Chinese chest, where it lives.

It groaned and growled a bit when I opened the door.  Normal.  Then when I went to pull it out, It exploded all over the living room floor.  It has been making threatening noises for months.  I guess it just couldn't stand being crammed in the little space anymore.

I decided to go ahead and work on the trunks for a little while and then clean out the drawer...That is going to take a while.
I got the insides of all four trunks painted.  There is something wrong with this camera.  It keeps telling me that the inside of two of the trunks are blue.  They aren't!  Those are both decidedly gray in real life.

I cut strips and trimmed one of the trunks.  I still have to put the hardware on it.

One almost down and three to go.....Plus the angry drawer.

I guess I should send Tessie back to the party and get back to work.

She changed aprons, in the hope that the guests would take the hint that Christmas and the party were in the past....It didn't seem to work.  The party is still going strong. 

I think that I will be seeing a lot of Tessie in the next week....She is partied out.  Just a little while ago, she asked me,"How do you get rid of unwanted guests?  These people are starting to get on my nerves."

I told her, "Just tell them that there is a much better party going on down the street.  You know, the house with all the lights."

The last I saw of her, she was going from room to room in the townhouse telling everyone about the fabulous party the neighbors are having....It should be interesting to see how the neighbors react to all of those tiny people showing up, drinking their beer and eating their pizza.  I have a feeling that their party is about to come to an end too...

I have to go and help Tessie clean out all signs of a party in the townhouse.  Maybe we can convince them that there was never a party there....It was all in their tiny, little minds.  We shall see.......

See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

I like your trunk!
Bye Faby

mcddiss said...

esos baules estan quedando muy bien , menudo embrollo de pieles que tienes ,si es que nunca se termina de recoger ,



Troy said...

That trunk is awesome. I need to organize my mini room again too!

Caseymini said...

Troy, I have given up saying "again" about mini room organization...I now say "more".