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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"For Me??? You Shouldn't Have...."

That was Tessie's favorite thing to say as I opened gifts.  Then she would grab whatever it was and run! 

The best quote of the day was from Seth though.  He took one look at the party going on in the townhouse and said.  "I want to go to Tessie's party.  They look like they are having fun and there's pizza and beer!"  He know how to make Tessie happy.
Now to the gifts. Seth's mom found these for me.  They are Chinese Cloisonne.  Each one is different and all have little handles on both sides, with the exception of the middle one.  That one has two loops towards the top of the neck, one above the other. 

I suspect that these were maybe on a necklace or something.

Thank you, Jill....I had them for about 10 minutes and then Tessie zapped them.  She has plans....
Something that Tessie didn't get away with was a couple of gifts from Walter.  I knew I was getting the pendant watch.  He let me pick that one out.  The ring was a complete surprise.  He knows I like Steampunk. If Tessie even dares to breath on either of these pieces, she is going to get a severe reprimand.  And maybe even locked in a closet for a couple of days.
When I first started minis, every year I looked forward to my dad's special present.  He worked in a place where they had Elmer's glue in GALLON containers.  He knew I used a lot of it, so that's what I got.  This year, April got me these! It's not a gallon, but every little bit helps. 

It was the most popular gift in the house.  We all piled up the presents for Amare and he had trouble getting through them all...But he did.  He decided that my four bottles of glue were more interesting than all of the toys. 

He just about wore the labels off of them.  They started out on the footstool in front of where I was sitting.  They were delivered to everyone several times each.  Then they were placed on the living room rug, here and there.  We kept picking them up and putting them back.  He kept toddling around with one in either hand to deliver them to where he thought they should be....Toys?  What toys?  He walked around them or stepped over them to get where he was going to deliver the glue...

At one point, I told him that if he could properly say "glue", he could open the bottle and squirt glue wherever he wanted....I felt pretty safe....Until everybody started telling him to say "glue" and he came out with "goo" a couple of times....I had to rescind the offer...

I am now going to play with all of my new toys....Even if Amare won't play with his.  He's still trying to say GLUE properly.

See you tomorrow....Merry Boxing Day.


Lucille said...

Beautiful vases! Babies can be so amusing. One of my brothers delighted in playing with clothes pins.

Elga said...

Hi Casey, you got some really nice gifts. I bought one of those cloisonne vases at an antique fair to use for my dollhouse, mine still had the chain for around the neck and I kept it, just don't know where I put it for save keeping LOL.

Tanja - SugarCharmShop said...

Oh wow! those vases are beautiful!
and LOL at the story about Amare - always be careful when giving a child a dare