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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still Scrubbing...

Well.....I am still working on the floor.  I did get more of the rug done last night.  Now all I have is the borders to do...

I have the inner border outlined that's half the battle.  Now all I have to do is fill in the blanks.
Meanwhile back in the workroom, it is getting worse all the time.  Soon I won't be able to get into the there.  Thanks for the help, Tessie!

More books and boxes on the floor and this time she attempted a kitchen and invited a friend to help....A method to her madness?

She needed help moving the stove.  It was too heavy to zap.

This time it took about 15 minutes.  she had to cut and glue brick paper to the back wall(foam core) behind the stove.

The kitchen is complete.  On the way in, Zar found Tessie's rubber chicken....I suspect that he hid it somewhere for just such an occasion. 

Actually, this is kind of fun.  Some of the wallpaper has been sitting around here for about 30 years and the furniture has been hiding in drawers and boxes, waiting to be used.  Now I can see some of it and use stuff that wouldn't normally be used.  Temporary can be fun.

I will let Tessie have her way as long as she doesn't wander in and start complaining that I am not doing Spiderwort Manor... The first time she says anything, back to the drawers and shelves it all goes!

I am now going to go do some more of the curtains for the fortunetelling booth.  Then back to the grotty grouting...Ick!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hang in there, Casie. Today, I was caulking. We women know how to get the job done! Right!

That is a beautiful stove. I see you're having fun with the furniture! Way to go! Your rug is marvelous!

mcddiss said...

me gusta mucho como te esta quedando la alfombra ,veo que Tessy sigue haciendo de las suyas



Giac said...

hi Casey,
The kitchen looks great and the carpet is coming along beautifully.