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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ten Minute Decorating....or Scrubbing Grout...

Which would you choose?   I spent the morning scrubbing the grout between the kitchen tile, on my hands and knees, with a toothbrush, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Not a lot of fun, but it had to be done.

I found the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide idea on line....The floor is probably going to explode or dissolve from the mixture, but it does work to get the dirt out.

After that, I sat down and worked on the rug for a while.  The canvas that you see in the photo is approximately the area that I still have to cover.  I probably shouldn't have cropped it that way.  It looks like a lot more than I thought was left.

As usual, when there is real work to be done, Tessie disappears.  I finally decided to go see where she was hiding....

I went into the workroom.  I knew that she was NOT going to be putting things away...

That's where she always hides though.  There are many wonderful things to keep her occupied in there.

As I walked in, I noticed this "arrangement" of notebooks in the house shaped bookcase, just inside the door.  They weren't there yesterday....Suspicious much? 

I pulled out the notebooks and to my surprise(or not), there was Tessie sitting in an easy chair, still working on the kumihimo.

To my further surprise, she was sitting in a bedroom that had not been in that spot yesterday.

I looked down.  There was a room sized pile of books on the floor. 

Tessie looked very comfortable.  The books, not so much.

I asked her what she thought she was doing.....Long story short....

She smiled a sweet, innocent smile and said..."I found a place to store some of the unused furniture.  And a new place for me to sleep...Two birds.  One stone.  You know the drill."

How can you argue with that logic. It does look nicer than the books and she bragged that it only took ten minutes.

This is what she did...Throw the books on the floor.  Pull out and mess up my neatly stacked wallpaper.  Dig through the desk drawer(throwing things that aren't what she's looking for on the top of the desk.  She found the double faced scotch tape. 

She neatly folded the wallpaper to fit the walls and floor.  She used the double faced tape to stick them in.
Put in the furniture, rug and other accessories.  Call Theo to come guard the room, with orders to keep me out. 

She sat down and start working on the kumihimo.  All under ten minutes!

I wish I could say the same for the grout cleaning....I am half done...I can hardly wait to do the rest.  If you are questioning my sanity, I was being facetious.

See you tomorrow.


Idske said...

My goodness, you are really fast embroidering the rug. I really like the edging. Won't find me scrubbing the grouting, sounds like too much hard work.

Lucille said...

The little room Tessie put together looks very cozy. The rug is looking good! It must have seemed easy to do after getting up from your kitchen floor.

I am also working on a big floor project. I am spot cleaning my carpet on my hands and knees with a bar of soap and a nail brush. It's starting to look like new again. A much better job than a rented machine would do. I only do a little bit every day because it's hard work. I'll be glad when it's over. I'm only doing the heavy traffic areas. The rest of the rug is like new so it's evening out.

mcddiss said...

wow esa alfombra ya muy bien y Tessi sigue con sus travesuras