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Monday, October 15, 2012

Potion and Powder Bottles-101

Remember all of those tiny glass bottles that I found at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago?

Tessie found them....I saw her rummaging through the scattered mass that is my workroom right now, this morning. 

When I asked what she was looking for, she answered, "I forgot where I put the bottle of forgetfulness powder."

There has to be some kind of logic in that statement...

I suggested that she not search any longer. Just make more.

I found some of the bottles and set her to work.

She made so many different kinds of powders and potions.  Typical Tessie....She didn't label any of them.  She explained that was her system....

It seems that she doesn't want anyone fiddling with her brews.  She puts each kind in a differently decorated bottle, for which she is the only one that knows the code...Hopefully she will remember.

The bottle making was more complicated than the mixing.  She enlisted my help.  She made 16 and we finished decorating 15 of them.  Each one different.

The first two, she wanted to hang from a chain for some reason.  So we did a wire wrap around the necks.  I started with a couple of pieces of wire.  In this case, they were about 6" long. 

I simply twisted one end into a rope.  Then I pulled both ends around the neck of the bottle, overlapped them on the other side and did it again until there was wire sticking out on both sides.  I then twisted the remaining wire into a rope and did one ending by wrapping the two ends around each other.  The other one, I made two loops at the end like wrapping an I pin.  That one, I will gather together with a jump ring.
Here you see all 16 bottles.  The one with the tree stump is the forgetfulness powder...

Tessie told me this out of desperation...In case she forgets when messing with it.  Dangerous stuff....I'm sure you have already guessed why she needed it......
Here's a close up of some of the finished bottles. 

They were simple to make. 

All I needed was a branch from the rosemary bush in the back yard, 26 gage wire, assorted beads, the bottles some adhesive sticker stuff from the mini show and jewelry glue( Aleene's).

The details are a bit hard to see unless you enlarge the photos.  I just used what I had scattered around.  I can't get to anything much in the workroom, since Tessie's tantrum.
OK.  You already guessed why Tessie needed the forgetfulness powder...Right?

Yup.  Zofi is back in her rightful place and doesn't remember even one second of the past week... I am not even sure that she remembers her name!

You yell "Zofi!" and she just keeps gazing into her crystal ball and nodding her head in rhythm to some far off music in her brain...

Oh well.  She does seem happy to be back where she belongs. 

And Tessie?  She is gearing up for a grand opening soon!  Remind me not to have her read my fortune.  She has a stack of books on the subject about two feet tall and is studying like mad.  Did I mention that she has no idea how to go about reading palms or bumps on heads or tarot cards or....anything else....I think that she just likes grand openings.

I hear the laundry buzzer.. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Those bottles are so cute and I love what you did with them! And, may I add that "What Tessie wants, Tessie gets." She's a winner, our Tessie!

mcddiss said...

pues si que le ha cundido la produccion de pociones a Teesi , pero deberias insistir en que les ponga etiquetas con los nombres para poder utilizarlas adecuadamente cuando las necesite



Jane Smith said...

I love the bottle tops awsome idea! they all look so magical dusts and enchantment ;) I still have about 40 bottles myself waiting for me to use them =P

Steinworks said...

those are the cutest bottle ever :)