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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where's Zofi???

 At least I got an apology from Tessie for "disturbing the pieces".  Note the spelling...  Yes.  She was talking about the ruckus that she caused a couple of days ago, whilst throwing a hissy fit in my work room....

No offer to clean it up or compensate for the damage....Just a simple "Sorry about that."  Then she went on her merry way.  I guess I will be cleaning up after her, once again.

I have other things to put on the wall of the booth, but I needed a Phrenology chart, so I went to my handy dandy Bing images section....I am amazed at the number of different ones there are. There must be a lot of people that like reading bumps on heads.  Also interesting is the variations on what certain areas mean...
I printed one out for Junior  Tessie to use in the booth.  Don't ask....I haven't solved the mystery yet, but last night I looked in to see how it was going and....low and behold, Zofi and her gold table were nowhere to be seen!

Just now, when I typed Junior, Tessie stomped on my fingers and made me cross it out...

She then announced that she had paid a goodly amount and got back what was rightfully hers.

I didn't have the nerve to ask how much...She and Zar have spent the morning searching for ancestors with the Ouija board.  I am not sure what the purpose of that particular exercise is.  Rich relatives that may have left Tessie something to pay off the fortunetelling booth?

I am very pleased to report that the one thing that Zofi left behind is a success.  The Chinese lantern(metal) stuck to the book light(plastic) Is stuck fast and the light shines nicely through the silk panels.  I haven't installed it permanently yet, but it looks pretty good just as it is now.

Anyway, I don't have time to look for Zofi right now.  The kids are coming over for BBQ in a little while.  I will try finding her later.  I imagine that Tessie zapped her someplace to keep her quiet...Probably somewhere in the no man's land that I call a laughingly call a work room.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

Love the lantern! It looks perfect there. :D

I don't feel so bad now seeing your workroom. Mine is still in the same state of affairs that it was two weeks ago!

Too many distractions. Too little time...