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Friday, September 28, 2012

Cloudy Skies...Headache Weather...

It's a warm, cloudy day here and my sinuses don't like it at all.  Most irritating.

I finished installing the back draperies this morning and I am not really sure if I like them.  the last two colors that I put in are not pleasing me...  Maybe it's just the dark purple at the top that really bothers.

I strung in a lot of the rayon ropes here and there.  I kind of like those.

This photo does give you a better view of the under, antique pulled work I love that part.  I imagine it took someone a rather long time to do that.  I am just glad that I could put it to use.

The piece that looks blue up in the left corner, is really more lavender. The only reason that I mention this piece is....See the nice fringe at the edge?  That is the selvage of the material...I didn't have to do anything at all to it. That's the way it came from the bolt.
Last, I did get more done on the rug.  All of the gold is done in the medallions and the three at the left are done, including the background.

I am still trying to decide on an outer border...I still have a few days to think about it.  It will take me that long to finish the inner portion of the rug.

Sorry this is short.  I am now on my way to find the aspirin bottle and a glass of water.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love those rayon ropes! The rug is coming along nicely. It promises to be lovely! Hope you manage to eradicate that sinus pain. Nothing worse than a nagging sinus pain. I've been there!

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Casey, sad to hear about your headache but I am related to this one. Anyway, working on miniatures is a great way to forget about headache though sometimes actually it gives more headaches! I hope you feel better! Rug looks very interesting. You know, this is first I pay attention at... I wish you feel well tomorrow and post more progress. Mini hugs, Natalia

mcddiss said...

a mi las cortinas me gustan mucho como quedan ,y veo que esa alfombra avanza sin parar



Claudia said...

This fall has been especially hard on my sinuses! I had a headache on Thursday that wouldn't go away! Hang in there, Casey.


hopeful said...

Casey: I hope you feel better soon. Although I am so envious that your work, even when you're under the weather, is still waaay better than mine when I'm feeling my best! :-) - Marilyn

Giac said...

Hi Casey,
I like it. I think the purple is a little dark...when I first saw the photo I thought it was part of the structure. It makes me think of The Dance of the 7 Veils.
Big hug,