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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soft Furnishings...

I got more done on the rug last night.  I cross stitched until I couldn't see straight.  It is coming along pretty good.

I filled in more of the background to see what it was going to look like.

In the motif at the bottom left, you can see where the gold stitches go.  The two middle ones are all filled in.  I put a darker red in the four L shaped sections. I went all the way around the outside and up the center lines with the gray.

Then I started working out one of the boarders....

I will probably put at least two around the outer edge.

Tessie finished the rest of the motif outlines after I gave up.  Now it is more or less like a coloring book.

All we have to do is fill in the rest of the rug one color at a time.
I got up this morning with the intention of finishing at least the inside back curtains.

Here are the last three pieces...Yes....I braved the workroom to find the larger bulletin/pin board.

I lined it with graph paper and then with a layer of waxed paper.  Saves some of the mess with the hairspray.  Easy clean up that way.

I couldn't resist a bit of tie dyed fabric.  You can't see it very well in the photo, but it has gold lines printed on top of the tie dye.

While I am waiting for the curtains to dry, I am going to go back and help Tessie with the rug... I have to keep her occupied.  she keeps wanting to pull out the pins to see if the curtains are dry yet.  She could just reach down and touch them, but that would be too easy, and besides she doesn't like sticky fingers.Back to cross stitching.

See you tomorrow.


Heleena Uotila said...

It is so fantastic-Heleena

Kathi said...

Beautiful colors! In the drapes AND the rug! :D