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Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Curtains, More Rug...What Else is New?

Still plugging along on the curtains.  While they dry, I work on the rug....Notice I said "I". 

The Terrible Two only show up when photos are being taken now.  They are both as bored as I am with all of these pins and needles. 

They can run away.  I can't.
The first thing I did this morning was change the top piece inside.

I definitely like the orangish red better than the dark purple.  I am still not sure about the tie dye either...

I unpinned the top of the right outside curtain from the pin board and realigned it in the pin board, so that the bottom of the curtain didn't have to be made separately.

This is another one of those "cheating to win" things.

When the top half of the curtains is on the straight of goods, if you bend it to fit the bend in the building, You can just keep going if you work it right.
I wanted this to be one long piece so that it would drape well.

I can't glue it in until I get a couple of other front pieces cut and pleated.  This one goes behind the others, but this is the one that will be the most noticeable.

Now that I know that this one works, the rest will be comparatively easy to do.  This is the only one that bends in the corner at an odd angle.

I still have to pin and spray the puddle at the bottom.
I have been going back in time and watching Jennifer Garner in "Alias" on Netflix whilst I work this morning....Lots of dialog, and in English, so I can follow what is going on without much looking at the screen.

While the curtains dried, I got lots more of the rug done.  All of the gold in the motifs is finished and I am almost up to half the background.

I also cleaned the stove and several drawers in the kitchen....And....It's not even noon!  That's what I get for getting up at 4:30AM.  I think I deserve a nice afternoon nap now....

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love the colour of the new curtains and that rug is beautiful. The colours really stand out.

dalesdreams said...

I am loving the rug, but the drapes look like quite the challenge!

Fabiola said...

I love your rug.
Bye Faby

Rosethé said...

superbe broderie !
Le rideau rouge est parfait pour ce joli théâtre.